, a humanistic and responsible company, is committed to work daily in the respect of this ethical charter.

Respect for the environment

At each stage of our work, we strive to banish all pollutant process and waste of material or energy. This applies to many aspects of our activity :

Import of goods : When we select a supplier, we ensure that he works in the respect of environment, at each stage of the manufacturing process. We ask him to provide the relevant proofs (e.g. certificate of origin of woods, etc...). We frequently visit all the manufacturing workshops of our suppliers, in order to monitor their compliance with our requirements. Any practice that we consider polluting leads to the immediate abandonment of our collaboration with the supplier.

In addition, for the transportation of our goods to France, we only use transport by boat, much less polluting than transport by plane.

Operation of our own structure : It is logical ! We commit ourselves to the environmental requirements that we impose to our suppliers. It affects various areas of our everyday life :

  • energy savings wherever it is possible (Led bulbs, thermal insulation of the offices, heating working with renewable energy, etc...),
  • reduction of paper consumption by promoting electronic exchanges rather than papers (ex : your bill is available online), sorting and recycling of all our waste. The best example of this commitment to the environment is visible to our customers : for the preparation of our parcels, we regularly use the packing cartons and cushioning material recovered by merchants of our city. To protect the items for transport, we reuse the cushioning stuff that's been used by our supplierss to prepare our orders (kraft paper, bubble film, etc.). It is economic and ecological.
  • Thanks to this mode of operation, we buy much less cartons and packaging material for transport : about 60% of our needs are covered by recycling and upcycling !

Fair trade

The majority of products that we offer here are original handcrafts. When we go to a craftsman workshop to place an order, he has a smile when we arrive and when also we leave. So do we ! Our definition of fair trade could be limited to this sentence. It is just to make a trade that is mutually beneficial, and which makes 2 winning parties.

Some of our suppliers have even become friends ! Thanks to this way of making business, we are convinced to bring something positive to the craftsmen who work with us and, to a lesser extent, to their country.

Yes, we are proud of the work of our craftsmen, and to contribute, even modestly, to improve their standard of living, to perpetuate their know-how.

How to identify our fair trade products ?

  • On any product page, click on the "data sheet" tab. All of our fair trade products are marked as "handcrafted and fair."
  • When you browse a category of the shop, you can select "origin : handcrafted and fair" in the filter on the left part of the screen, so that only 100% fair and handcrafted items will be displayed. The other items will be hidden.

Some products from suppliers about who don't know much yet will not be marked as "handcrafted and fair".

"A satisfied customer is more likely to come back"

You may be surprised by this, but our goal is not to sell you as many products as possible in just one cart ! No that's not compatible with our nature. Coco Papaya's purpose is to enroll in the long term and to build a trustfull relationship with all its customers, in order to become a famous respected e-commerce company, all over Europe.

Ad there's only one way to achieve this goal : the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. This is why, at every stage of our work, we try to implement the best quality level.

Quality control

When we start to make business with a craftsman, the quality of his items is the main aspect that guides our choice. It is also decisive when we decide to continue (or not) our collaboration with him. Then, before each shipping to our customes, we perform an individual quality control of all items. Any product with critical defects is put aside and recycled. This meticulous process is absolutely essential in our everyday work.

Faithful pictures and product descriptions

You want to receive an identical product to the one you have seen on and it is normal ! To avoid nasty surprises, all our products are photographed from many angles and in close-up. In addition, we strive to write descriptive texts for each specific product (dimensions, materials, colors...) and make our best to be faithful to the reality, so that you do have a clear idea of each item that is proposed. However, for our objects are handmade, there may be slight differences in colors and dimensions compared to the photographed model (for example, all our buddhas do not have exactly the same expression of face, it all depends on the sculptor !).

We guarantee our best efforts to describe our objects as accurately as possible. Please understand that, despite this, slight differences in size and appearance are possible. Thank you.

Packaging treated and resistant

Each item that you order must be delivered quickly and in perfect condition ! All our parcels are handmade by us and we became specialists in the shielding of parcels ! Even the most fragile objects, such as terracotta, will arrive at a good port and in a single piece, it is guaranteed or you'll have your money back.

The lowest prices for delivery and returns.

Logistics is our second largest expenditure item, just after the purchase of the goods. We invest a lot in order to make our products available at the best price. A statistic : we participate in an average height of 4£ to the shipping cost of each package. It means that a shipment that we will charge 5£ has a real cost of 9£.

We also offer free or low-priced return labels, which allow our customers to return items at a reduced fee, or even for free (with Paypal).

Before and after the sale : listening and advice

Any question about a product or an order ? A tip to give us ? Regardless of the topic, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to meet your expectations. The availability and efficiency of our customer service is a crucial part of our approach to quality.

Contact us by email :

Contact us by phone : +33 (0)9 83 51 40 88

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