Professional customers : take advantage of exclusive advantages in our shop !

By creating a professional customer account in our shop, your orders will be exempt from VAT (unless your company is established in France) and you will benefit from discounts of up to -20%.

Below are the vouchers that you can use after creating your professional customer account.

6 vouchers reserved to our professional customers


5% discount from € 200 of purchases


8% discount from € 300 of purchases


10% discount from € 500 of purchases


15% discount from € 1000 of purchases


18% discount from € 3000 of purchases


20% discount from € 5000 of purchases
These vouchers are reserved for verified professional customers, they cannot be combined with each other or with any other.

How to create a professional account ?

To create your professional customer account on our online store, you must:

  • Be an authorized representative of a registered company.
  • Fill in the VAT number of your company when creating your professional customer account on our site.

If these two prerequisites are not met, it will unfortunately be impossible for you to create a professional account online. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for assistance.

Below is a screenshot showing how to create a professional account.

Let yourself be guided when creating your professional account !

Simply enter your email address in the box above the "Create a Professional Account" button. You will be asked for your company's VAT number in the next step.
Are you already a Coco Papaya customer and want to convert an existing customer account into a professional account ?

It's possible. Contact our customer service and provide us with :

  • the e-mail address used as your customer account identifier, or the reference of an order.
  • the intra-community VAT number of your company.

Your request will be processed quickly.

No discount will be granted retroactively on orders placed through a standard customer account transformed into a professional customer account. Thank you for understanding.