You have received a broken or damaged parcel.

What should you do ?

Here are some good tips to implement in case of problems :

Step 1 : check your parcel.

Whenever it's possible, please control your package (general aspect and contents) in the presence of the deliveryman. Be aware that the law requires him to let you check your parcel before signing the delivery !

If the deliveryman refuses to let you check the parcel before signing the delivery note, you have 2 options :

1) If the parcel appears to be in good condition, you can sign the delivery slip and accept the package.

2) If the parcel looks to be damaged or has signs of impact, Coco Papaya recommends that you refuse it, unless the deliveryman accepts you inspect the contents before signing the delivery note. When you accept the delivery of a damaged parcel, you are also accepting the risk that its content is broken or damaged !

When you refuse a parcel, please indicate the reason for the refusal on the delivery slip (box crushed or torn...). Please inform us by email to and mention your order#.

Step 2 : the content of your parcel is broken or damaged.

Despite all the care that we give to the protection of our parcels, it sometimes happens that an intact parcel contains a broken or damaged product. In this case, please send us an email with a picture broken or damaged objects and their packaging (email to and mention your order # please).

This is urgent ! This email must be sent on the day of delivery, or within 48 hours following the delivery date.

We will respond to you in the shortest possible time by indicating the procedure to follow to obtain the free of charge replacement or refund of the relevant object.

Step 3 : don't worry, be happy.

Whatever happens, Coco Papaya is on your side. These tips will simply allow us to obtain compensation from the carrier if he is responsible for damage.

According to our own statistics, less than 1 items out of 400 gets damaged during shipping.

Please be particularly vigilant if you have ordered fragile items (terracotta, wood or stone carvings etc.)