Madagascar Smoke Quartz Tip 93 x 53 x 45mm / 362g - Unique Piece



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A rare and precious 362 gram smoky quartz tip

Unique piece: by ordering this object, you receive precisely the model photographed. Each shot represents the same specimen, photographed from different angles.

Dimensions: height 95 x width 53 x depth about 45mm. Weight 362 grams. Smoke Quartz 1st choice quality AAA, origin Madagascar.

Large pieces of smoked quartz are rare and highly sought after. Coco Papaya has unearthed for you this beautiful tip perfectly highlighted by our lapidary craftsman. They have the characteristics worthy of a collector's item:

  • alternating translucent areas and inclusions that give a beautiful visual depth to the crystal
  • a homogeneous and sustained brown hue (as opposed to lower quality smoked quartz with too light a hue)
  • a beautiful quality of polishing with very few imperfections on the surface of the crystal

Smoked quartz or "Morion" is sometimes called "Pierre of Lucidity" because it would guide us during the essential choices of our lives. A masterpiece of nature that contains a spiritual message and energy.

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Smoke Quartz and Lithotherapy

Are you sensitive to alternative medicines and want to use the energy of stones to improve your well-being?

Here's how Smoked Quartz can help.

Virtues of the psychically and spiritually smoked Quartz

Smoked quartz is used inlithotherapy for emotional refocusing: it helps to think more clearly and stabilize mood. It is therefore particularly recommended for people who are undecided or prone to frequent mood changes. It is a crystal that diffuses an invigorating energy, and helps to feel more comfortable in one's body and mind, to assume one's mind as one is.

Virtues of smoked Quartz on the physical level

Lithotherapy practitioners often recommend smoked quartz as part of the fight against addictions (smoking cessation, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.). In addition, smoked quartz elixir would have a positive effect on the pancreas and kidneys, and would stimulate male fertility.

Complementarity of the Smoked Quarter with other stones

The most complementary stones with smoked quartz are rock crystal, fluorite, citrine orhematite.

Important: the therapeutic properties of stones and minerals are given to you as an indication from teachings from reference books on Lithotherapy. This information should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or the advice of a health professional. If you have symptoms of a disease, see your doctor.

Object typeWell-being / Relaxation, Decoration
MaterialSemi-precious stones
Colorbrown / chocolate
Originhandcrafted and fair
Stones and MineralsSmoky quartz
Virtues and benefitsSelf-confidence & serenity, Harmonisation and balancing
Type of stoneNatural stone
ShippingCheap shipping !
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