Amethyst Druse - 110 x 85 x 75mm / 790g - Unique Piece



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Druse d'Amethyst from Uruguay: a unique piece in the shape of a cave!

Unique piece: by ordering this object, you receive precisely the model photographed. Each shot represents the same specimen, photographed from different angles.

Dimensions: height 110 x 85 x 75mm. Weight: 790 grams. Druse sold alone, without accessories.

This remarkable druse of amethyst (Uruguay origin) will seduce you with:

  • The size of the crystals that cover it: they are particularly large and long on this specimen, while Uruguayan amethysts more frequently have a multitude of very small crystals. Their colour, a deep purple in the centre, gradually brightens as one approaches the outer shell.
  • Its 2 sawn bases that allow it to be exposed well upright, or lying on its back, or even lying on its side, allowing several angles of observation.
  • Its cave shape, particularly aesthetic, but also practical for purifying and recharging other minerals (e.g. rolled stones or jewelry).
  • The presence ofgreen agate,in the edict crystals.

This high quality specimen has the ideal characteristics to start or complete a collection of minerals

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How to purify stones or jewelry with an amethyst druse?

Amethyst has the power to purify and recharge all crystals and minerals, without exception! Here's how to do it:

  • Place the stone (raw or rolled) or the lithotherapy jewel that you want to purify and recharge directly on the crystals of your amethyst druse.
  • For more efficiency, expose your amethyst druse to sunlight (or lunar) light for several hours or even a full day if possible.
  • There you go! Your stones are now ready for use! Some lithotherapy practitioners believe that amethyst purifies and recharges white crystals and minerals more effectively (such as moonstone),pink (e.g. pink quartz),violet (example: lepidolite) and blue (example: lapis lazuli). It also works with other colors, but the process may be a little longer.
Object typeWell-being / Relaxation, Decoration
MaterialSemi-precious stones
Stones and MineralsAmethyst
Virtues and benefitsAnti-stress and relaxation
Type of stoneNatural stone
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