Baroque bracelet Agate Foam
Baroque bracelet Agate Foam

Baroque bracelet Agate Foam

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Elastic bracelet with "baroque" beads in Agate foam

Length = about 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19cm approximately). Weight = 12g approximately. Size of pearls = 4 to 7mm. Natural grade A foam agate from Brazil. Each bracelet is unique because it is composed of natural fine stones. Some differences in appearance are therefore possible compared to the photographed model.

This elastic lithotherapy bracelet adapts its size to that of your wrist from 16 to 19cm approximately! It is therefore suitable for most male and female wrists.

It is composed of many natural stone beads, called "baroque": they are small polished stones (which do not hurt) but are of irregular shapes and sizes, which gives them a very natural appearance.

Reconnecting with nature is the promise of moss agate, a stone that helps us feel in harmony with our mother earth.

Moss agate: to stop feeling lost...

During certain complicated periods of our existence, we may feel lost, no longer think about how far we have come, and no longer know where we are going. Life loses its meaning and everyday life becomes like a vain struggle.

In such moments, it is good to remember the connection that unites us to nature. Because the essential meaning of our existence is to be connected to nature as are animals and plants.

But in our time, it is no longer so easy to feel this primary connection because humanity is gradually freeing itself from its condition as a child of nature, and more and more things are spiritually distancing us from our mother earth.

Lithotherapy practitioners consider that moss agate is the stone that can help us restore and especially love our connection to nature. This can allow us to finally feel the sensation of being where we need to be and therefore to evolve more serenely on the path of life.

Did you know that stones can also help you get a better sleep? Find out how on our blog!

Information on the benefits of lithotherapy is given as an indication, and can in no way constitute medical advice. The properties, indications and mode of use of the stones and minerals mentioned are particularly from reference works on lithotherapy.

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Small item (deliverable in envelope), Standard item
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Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
Semi-precious stones
Stones and Minerals
Virtues and benefits
Harmonisation and balancing, Meditation, Fortune & success
Type of stone
Natural stone
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elastic bracelet without clasp
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