Natural Howlite bracelet - 4mm balls

Natural Hematite bracelet - 4mm balls

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The beauty of the Howlite bracelet with very fine 4mm beads

Length - 17cm (ideal for wrists 15 to 18cm in circumference).

Pearl diameter - 4mm. AB-grade rolled stones from Brazil

A must for lovers of stone jewelry, this bracelet consists of about 45 pearl balls in 100% natural Hematite.

Convenient, this elastic bracelet fits most wrists. Our bracelets with 4mm beads are more suitable for small wrists.


Hematitis Stone Lithotherapy

Hematite makes its protective and strengthening virtues of personal development (initiative, willpower, self-confidence) particularly action. It's the perfect stone when you need a push to "cross a line."

Once dubbed "blood stone" because it dyes water red by oxidation, hematite brings vigour and protection to our body. This is the stone to take with you if you feel weakened or if you perceive the first symptoms of an upcoming disease.

Sign of the zodiac associated with the stone Hematite

Mainly recommended to natives of the sign of Aries, hematite is also a good stone for Cancer, Lion, Virgo, Aquarius and Libra.

Chakra on which the stone Hematite acts

The stone shows interesting results on the first 3 chakras (root, sacred and solar plexus).

Purification and reloading ofHematite

Hematitis is compatible with all purification and recharging techniques. But because of the phenomenon of oxidation, it is recommended not to multiply or last too long the purifications in contact with water. Alternate with salt purifications, or fumigation.

To purify your jewelry or stones rolled in hematite, you can for example let them lay for a few hours on a bed of sea salt or Himalayan salt. Then wipe them carefully with a clean cloth.

To recharge them with energy, expose them to sunlight for 2 to 3 hours. Hematitis can also recharge when placed on a rock crystal or amethyst clumps.

Important: the therapeutic properties of stones are given to you as an indication from teachings from reference books on Lithotherapy. This information should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or the advice of a health professional. If you have symptoms of a disease, see your doctor.

Elastic bracelet. Length 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Weight +/- 16g. Diameter of the beads +/- 4mm
Article in natural stone: differences in appearance and colors are possible compared to the photographed model. Each item is unique, but always of equivalent quality.
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Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
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elastic bracelet without clasp
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