Bracelet in Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan AAA - balls 8mm
Bracelet in Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan AAA - balls 8mm
Bracelet in Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan AAA - balls 8mm
Bracelet in Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan AAA - balls 8mm

Bracelet 7 chakra Lapis lazuli and 7-precious stones.

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Bracelet of meditation and healing - buddha & 7 chakras

Elastic, it adapts its size to that of the wrist ! Therefore, it can be worn by the majority of adults regardless of their morphology.

Length = 18cm (perfect for wrist from 16 to 19.5 cm). Weight = 23g approx. Diameter of beads = 8mm. Stones rolled from "extra"quality.

This bracelet is composed of 14 beads in lapis lazuli + 7 beads of semi-precious stones that regenerate and revitalize our 7 main chakras according to their color : red agate, carnelian (orange), tiger eye (yellow/brown), aventurine (green), agate tinted (blue), lapis lazuli (navy blue), and amethyst (purple). There are also 2 beads with metal hypoallergenic and stainless, including one depicting a Buddha's head.

Virtues of lithotherapie of the stone lapis lazuli

Enthusiasts lithotherapie call it the "stone of friendship" because it would have the power of free speech, even in people that are more introverted, and also to raise the level of compassion and open-mindedness of its wearer. The lapis lazuli would also strengthen the sense of honesty and duty.

Physically, lapis lazuli alleviates the problems of throat, headaches, and migraine headaches. It reduces high blood pressure and is therefore not recommended for people suffering from hypotension.

Signs of the zodiac associated with the stone lapis lazuli

The lapis lazuli is particularly recommended to the natives of the signs of the Fish, Sagittarius and Aquarius. It is also appreciated by Gemini.

Chakras on which is the stone lapis lazuli

The action of the lapis lazuli is mainly at the level of the 5th and the 6th chakra (chakra of the throat and of the "third eye").

Purification and reloading of the lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone fragile which requires a lot of care. It should not be left in prolonged contact with water, or with salt.

To clean and purify your jewelry or stones rolled in lapis lazuli, so we recommend that you leave them for a few seconds under a trickle of lukewarm water, and then dry immediately. We do not recommend that you wear a piece of jewelry in lapis lazuli during the night or in the shower.

To reload the lapis lazuli, place it on a cluster of rock crystal or amethyst. If you don't have it, opt for the moonlight because the light from the sun tends to discolor.

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Small item (deliverable in envelope), Standard item
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Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
Semi-precious stones
blue, multicolor
Stones and Minerals
Lapis lazuli, Stones of the 7 chakras
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Self-confidence & serenity
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Association of natural and reconstituted and/or dyed and/or synthetic stones
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elastic bracelet without clasp
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