Bracelet Aventurine - balls 6mm
Bracelet Aventurine - balls 6mm

Bracelet Watermelon Tourmaline AAA - mini stone rolled

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Bracelet Lithotherapie in Tourmaline "Watermelon" natural (stones, rolled).

Length = 18cm (perfect for wrist from 16 to 19.5 cm).

Size of the beads = 4 to 6mm (35 pearls approximately).

In practice, this elastic strap fits most wrists up to 19.5 or 20 cm round. It consists of approximately 35 beads watermelon tourmaline genuine (non-tinted, non-heated) AAA quality (the best on the market).

The stones rolled that make up this bracelet are free forms, as illustrated by the pictures, and a variety of colours : pink, green, yellow, black, purple, blue, yellow, orange... It's the effortless charm of the shimmering watermelon tourmaline, or tourmaline watermelon, you'll love to wear with your colourful outfits, or to complement an outfit together.

Also called Elbaite, this variety particularly sought after has many virtues, both for the body and the spirit. It is particularly popular among artists, because it would develop the creativity and dreams.

Virtues of lithotherapie stone watermelon tourmaline

Regardless of its color, tourmaline is very effective in protecting the nervous system and the digestive system. The tourmaline has the ability to restore self-confidence, boost energy and believe in your dreams. It develops empathy, and helps them to better understand others.

Allied with business leaders, it attracts wealth, success and trade is conclusive. The virtues of tourmaline vary according to the color :

  • Black : restores the mental balance and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. Protects against pollution, waves of technological and spiritual, stimulates the blood system and brain. Is also indicated in cases of muscle pain and arthritis.
  • Yellow and brown : positive effect on many internal organs such as the gallbladder, the spleen, the liver, kidneys, and stomach.
  • Green : indicated to calm hyperactive, develops serenity and patience, regulates appetite and sleep. Fighting immune diseases and infections of the blood.
  • Pink and red : arouses desire and passionate feelings, promotes libido and joy of life ,positive effect on the liver, the blood system and the hormonal system.
  • Blue : alleviates diseases of the respiratory system, throat and larynx, fosters honesty, creativity, tolerance and self-confidence.
  • Violet : helps to fight against depression, to find happiness, develops the intuition.

The watermelon tourmaline has all of these colors, and therefore offers a few of the benefits of each variety !

Sign of the zodiac associated with the stone - watermelon tourmaline

The watermelon tourmaline is not associated with any astrological sign in particular, its energy will be effective with any person, whatever his or her date of birth.

Chakra on which is the stone - watermelon tourmaline

Each color of tourmaline is on a chakra different. This bracelet watermelon tourmaline can therefore be used for the harmonization of the chakras, rather than to work on a particular chakra.

Purification and reloading of the watermelon tourmaline

To cleanse your jewelry or stones rolled in tourmaline, for example, you can dip them for a few hours in water (ideally demineralized or very slightly salted), and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

To recharge your energy, expose them to the light of the sun for 2 to 3 hours on a cluster of rock crystal or amethyst (the rock crystal is more efficient for this stone).

Object type
Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
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Semi-precious stones
Stones and Minerals
Virtues and benefits
Anti-stress and relaxation, Love and sensuality, Fortune & success, Concentration and creativity, Self-confidence & serenity
Type of stone
Natural stone
Pearl size
6mm, 4mm
Type of pearls
Rolled stones
Clasp type
elastic bracelet without clasp
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