Jewellers, jewellers, watchmakers, spectacle manufacturers, designers, dealers and other professionals of the jewelry, this article is specifically aimed at you ! You know, the competition in the sector of jewellery, and more generally of the mode, is tough. To sell more, only one solution : differentiate and be visually appealing. Today's consumer has so much choice at your fingertips (or mouse click), it has a tendency to get lost, it is up to you to show him where and what to look for.

But how to value your jewelry and fashion accessories to be sure they do not pass unnoticed ? At the end of this article, you will understand the importance of presenting your jewelry and how to do it effectively to significantly increase your sales.


Why the visual is so important ?

Have you ever gone into a bookstore to choose a book without knowing exactly what you were going to choose ?

In this situation, so many choices offer to you that you can not look at all the books one by one ! Then, you head first in your favorite genre, and then you swipe to the next books in the sight. You start to get interested in the books put forward : the beatings of the heart of the bookseller, news, literary awards... and Then, you linger on the books whose cover caught your eye, but ignore those that are " invisible ". Your choice will be finally on the one that you seem to have the most interesting story of course, but all the books that have not been able to capture your gaze will be eliminated automatically, because you have not even taken into hands.

For jewelry, it is exactly the same ! Between the hundreds of shops on the Internet and the multitude of brands present in the city or in the shopping malls, the choice is so vast that the consumer can not analyze the whole offer of how cartesian. Therefore, he must rely on his emotions, to his "feeling", to find the jewel "blow of heart". And this is where the know-how of the trader can and should make the difference to take precedence over his competitors.

Whether you sell your jewelry and fashion accessories on the internet, in store, or on the markets, if you manage to trigger a positive emotion in your visitors, you will have accomplished the most important part and the most difficult part of the selling process. For objects of mode, you need to primarily stimulate the sense of sight, without, however, ignore the touch.

Let's see how...

To better present her jewelry to sell more.

If you are in business for some time and that you have not yet created a real value of your products, you have probably already tried to lower the price of your items in the hope that this would increase your sales. Without a doubt, it worked a little, but you experience other problems :

  • You crop on your margins and your profits are thinning.
  • Your brand image is deteriorating. Because in the mind of the consumer, a shop that offers many low price and promotions is not "desirable" and the quality of its products is in doubt.

Fortunately, you can still change this !

According to you, why the luxury boutiques or cosmetic compete-they have the creativity to match their cabinets and their surfaces for sale ? Because it increases their sales exponentially ! These companies have understood that by stimulating the affect of the consumer, trying to trigger him these famous positive emotions, they dramatically increase their sales performance, regardless of the prices they practice.

You also apply this strategy and observe the results that this product on your sales. For a professional jewel whatever it is, the way more easy, quick, and effective to capture the attention of customers is to showcase its products with the help of displays adapted. In order to fulfill their missions, these displays jewelry must absolutely :

  • be rewarding and visually appealing : displays refined and elegant are more likely to attract attention to your products. They carry a good brand image, and increase the "perceived quality" of the products highlighted. Therefore, it is advisable to favor displays qualitative, to finishes. Use the display original is also a big advantage to stand out from the competition : the displays of conventional velvet or soft-leather black or white have been seen too often, and do not offer as much visual impact.
  • be available in several colors : yellow gold is better seen on a black background, and the leather contrast is better on a light background, the jewels of dark colors are more visible on displays of bright colors, etc... therefore, It is important to have display stands in different colors to adapt them to jewellery to enhance. The second benefit to this, you can group your products by "universe" with displays of the same colors, and thus better segment your sales space, which will bring him a clarity which is highly appreciated by the customers.
  • propose sizes and shapes, to give greater volume and dynamism to the staging. Whether on display, in sales area, or on a market stall, it is important to make maximum use of the length, the height and the depth available to occupy the visual field of the visitors and attract their gaze. Create scenes developed using the 3 dimensions of space also helps to build a professional image around your business, and thus to increase the degree of confidence about your brand.
  • adapt to every type of jewellery : a bracelet does not value in the same way that a pair of earrings or a necklace ! Each display must therefore be able to present your jewelry in the best way possible. And, again, the availability of displays adapted to each type of jewellery contributes to the brand image and the professionalism of the place of sale.

Other criteria are also taken into consideration when choosing displays and jewelry professionals :

  • The practical aspect : these displays are they easy to use, to move, to store ? Do they allow a labeling the products easy ?
  • Sustainability : are they solid ? Are they easy to maintain ? Can they be repaired or renovated ?
  • Customization : you can easily add a logo, burn or paint it ?
  • And of course the purchase price, which is to put into perspective taking into account the impact of the displays on the sales of jewelry.

Since 2009, Coco Papaya works in collaboration with artisans of the wood to create a complete range of display stands for jewelry intended for professionals. This range has been specially designed to meet the needs discussed above.

A wide range of displays in solid wood to meet the needs of professionals.

Constructed entirely of solid wood from sustainable activities, our range consists of displays adapted to each type of jewel :

  • Of display stands for bracelets and watches in different shapes, sizes and colors. For photos in the studio, small or large retail spaces, shop windows or even the counter sale...
  • Displays necklaces varied: "ras-de-neck" for the chains, our busts in wood bring value to all your creations !
  • Displays rings practical and clever : the rings are quite difficult to implement in value ! We have devised innovative solutions to overcome this.
  • Displays earrings to a set value to the unit, by range, by color, or by subject...
  • Trees and jewelry display stands multi-function for scenes creative and original.
  • Displays glasses original, to attract the eyes towards prescription glasses or sunglasses.
  • And finally, displays cards that are also a good way to put in value the PLV.

In all, nearly 200 displays different and thousands of possible combinations to make your point-of-sale (real or virtual) a unique, attractive and professional, which converts mere visitors into customers !

Displays are customizable to enhance your brand image.

You have found the display perfect and created the mise en scene that looks like you, but find that it lacks the personal touch ?

This step is not essential, but the customization is sometimes the little extra that makes the difference. Not only you will expose your jewellery and fashion accessories on beautiful displays, but in addition, you can integrate your logo.

With the displays at jewelry Coco Papaya, the customization of your displays to jewelry is easy ! Indeed, as the entire range is manufactured from high-quality wood, it is easy to target an engraved plate with your logo or customize each display to your way (pyrography, painting, sticker...). Let your imagination run free and promote your brand by customizing the displays !

Craft manufacture : a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

Each display carton Coco Papaya is unique because entirely made by hand with quality woods from sustainable activities (planted forests).

This original artisan will help you differentiate you from your competitors by offering a place to sell distinguished, warm and original. Well-put value on our displays in wood, each of your jewel will appear as unique and precious in the eyes of your customers.

Very solid, our displays have a practically unlimited life ! And if the fashions change, you'll be able to easily repaint the color of your choice...

Vary the patterns and create original scenes.

In a showcase, on a market stall, a shelf or a counter fund, the association of several styles of displays and jewelry will catch the eye of visitors. There are many ways to associate the-door-jewelry, up to you to find the best composition for your shop. For example, you can choose to sort your jewelry by range on display in the same color, or play on contrast by combining several colors of display in a same area of the shop...


Because images often say more than his words, here are a few examples of displays for jewelry available on our online shop.

Natural colors :

présentoir porte bijoux en bois noir artisanat coco papayaprésentoir porte bijoux en bois brut artisanat coco papaya

Bright colors :

présentoir porte bijoux en bois rouge artisanat coco papaya

Associations of color :

présentoir porte bijoux en bois noir et rouge artisanat coco papaya

Different sizes and shapes :

présentoir porte bijoux en bois multicolore artisanat coco papaya

You understand now the importance of the value of your jewelry and are ready to create your own compositions to increase the performance of your sales !

We remain at your disposal for any information and wish you much success in your business.

See you soon.