To be sure(e) to buy an incense quality, you can rely on a few simple criteria :

- The composition.

- The country of origin.

- The brand.

Composition : Choose the 100% natural.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers of incense do not have the obligation to indicate the precise composition of their products on the packaging. Therefore, it is difficult to know exactly what is in the incense that was bought.

As a general rule, the incense "1st prize" are to be avoided : they are those that contain the most toxic substances and components of chemical origin, such as synthetic fragrances.

Also, avoid the incense of bright colors (yellow, pink, orange, green...) : they most probably contain the artificial colours which do not bode well.

Looking for indications to prove the natural origin and craft of incense : "frankincense natural", "craftsmanship", "incense hand rolled" are statements are reassuring that it is necessary to take into consideration.

A good incense should only contain natural ingredients and essential oils. Nothing else !

Trust a specialized store and ask for advice : a retailer that knows its products will direct you towards natural incense of excellent quality.

Country of origin : where are manufactured the incense of quality ?

You can now find manufacturers of incense in many countries of the world. But be sure to buy an incense quality, it can be useful to know what countries have an ancestral tradition of incense making.

These countries are the following :

- India : it is the main exporter in the world. Specialties : the Nag Champa and the Masalas (spice mixtures).

- France : there are excellent natural incense French, particularly in Provence.

- Japan : incense japanese are renowned for their finesse and quality of their perfumes.

- The Nepal and Tibet : the incense nepalese and tibetans have a particular scent that does not please everyone. But their handcrafted according to the rites of the very old is a guarantee of quality.

Other countries are also producers of incense quality, but on a smaller scale : Armenia, Brazil, Thailand, USA (California), germany, Greece, Indonesia (Bali), Saudi Arabia... The incense from these countries are more difficult to find, and their quality does not justify the search.

The trusted brands.

Over the years, some brands have built a solid reputation thanks to the quality of their production of incense. If you start your discovery of natural incense, it is certainly a very good idea to trust these brands of indian which are recognised world-wide and that you will find in our online shop :

- Satya Sai Baba / Shrivinas Sugandhalaya

- Goloka

- Padmini

- Hem

- Vijayshree

- Auroshika

- Tulasi

This list is not exhaustive ! But you will already testing dozens of varieties and scents different , while boasting an excellent quality / price ratio.

Incense cones or sticks ?

You have found the incense what you need : homemade and natural outcome of a country producer of tradition, a brand recognized for the quality of its production... Super ! But one last question : do you have to buy your incense in the form of cones or sticks ?

Today, these are the incense sticks which have the preference of consumers, because it is a format very practical, well balanced, and easy to use. This is the format suited for use in the classic "home". You simply need to have a good incense holders at hand to begin to enjoy the wonderful scents !

But we see that more and more consumers are "battle-hardened" look, rather, to the incense cones. There are 2 main reasons for this :

- Unlike sticks, incense cones do not contain a bamboo stem. The scent released is therefore more pure. Personally, I don't see really the difference (my sense of smell is perhaps not quite "the end").

- The incense cone produces a denser smoke, and thick, and therefore a scent more concentrated. This is useful if you want to scent a large room of more than 30m2, or to spread outside. But in my opinion, it is not suitable for small parts.

To conclude, I invite you to read this article from the Parisian, which will help you to choose your incense fragrances suit your needs.

And you, on what criteria do you choose your incense ?

What are your favorite brands ?

Leave a comment and share your experience with other users !

See you soon.


Reminder : to avoid the risk of fire, incense, natural should always be used under the supervision of an adult. The room should be ventilated after the combustion.