The tiger's eye bracelet: what are its virtues and how to wear it well?

To take care of one's health, science and common sense teach us that one must adopt a balanced lifestyle. A healthy and varied diet as well as the regular practice of physical activities are two essential rules to take care of your body.

But we too often forget the influence of the psyche on physical health. "Mens sana in corpore sano" said Pierre de Coubertin in 1896. "A healthy mind in a healthy body". A healthy life is therefore not limited to taking care of your physical body. It also requires a fulfilling social, sentimental and professional life!

We will see in this article how lithotherapy, and in particular the tiger's eye stone worn in the form of a bracelet can help us on the psychic level and why it acts as a real accessory of well-being.

Indeed, this jewel adorned with tiger's eye stone is not just a simple bracelet, it is much more than that. It is loaded with magnetism and energies that can give us a feeling of joie de vivre and harmony, on a daily basis. This article focuses on the meaning of this accessory, its virtues and explains how to wear it to feel all the benefits.

The eye of the tiger, what is the particularity of this stone?

This natural gem, with an intriguing name, is a variety of quartz that has undergone a change in its composition, due to the climatic and geological context it has faced for millions of years. It is connected to two elements: earth and fire, and to two main chakras: the Muladara (root chakra), and the Manipūra (solar plexus chakra). Since ancient times, the tiger's eye has been appreciated for its beautiful brown and golden reflections that recall the colors of the largest of felines, and its pupil.

La pierre oeil de tigre sous forme brute et polie

Origin and history of tiger's eye stone

The most important tiger's eye deposits are found in South Africa and were discovered in the 19th century. Before that, this stone was very rare and sold at the price of precious stones such as diamond or emerald. It is now classified as a "fine stone" but is still very sought after by all mineralogy and lithotherapy enthusiasts.

Mineralogists claim that its name comes from Eastern countries. Indeed, this name did not yet exist in European countries during antiquity, despite the existence of other eyed stones such as cat's eye , snake's eye or falcon's eye .

Even today, in Mesopotamia, this mineral is known as Oculus Belus. The first word, "Oculus", means eye and Belus is the name of the god of fortune. Since its discovery, this stone is therefore directly related to esoteric notions such as divine protection and luck.

Many stories involving tiger's eye stone have come to us from past times. Until the Middle Ages this stone was intended for soldiers to give them strength and courage in battle. It was also used to prevent evil. But today, it is best known as an incredible source of well-being.

Le regard du tigre a inspiré le nom de la pierre oeil de tigre

What are the properties and benefits of this natural gem?

The "eye of the tiger" stone is appreciated in lithotherapy for its energetic properties and the benefits it offers to its wearer.

On the physical level first, several positive effects on the body are granted to it: it would contribute to the good health of the leg joints, thanks to its connection with the earth; it would soothe headaches and eye pain; it would reduce joint problems and knee pain; it would contribute to the proper functioning of intestinal transit; it would stabilize hypertension and prevent respiratory problems.

But it is especially for its benefits on our psyche that tiger's eye stone has forged a solid reputation among lithotherapy enthusiasts. This extraordinary stone has impressive protective virtues. It protects us from negative ideas or bad spells; worn as a jewel, its good waves multiply courage, audacity and creativity; it promotes self-confidence and brings inner harmony.

In astrology, the eye of the tiger refers to the sun and symbolizes generosity as well as ambition.

The different virtues of the tiger's eye bracelet

Now that we have listed the main features of this stone, let's see how wearing a tiger's eye bracelet can benefit us.

Indeed, wearing a tiger's eye bracelet is not just a matter of look! If it is true that this pretty stone is really trendy and modern, the tiger's eye bracelet will also seduce you because it contains many virtues for the body and mind.

A spiritual protection accessory

Thanks to the virtues of the stone that composes it, the tiger's eye bracelet is a real barrier against negative energies and curses. It even acts as a mirror and sends these negative waves back to the object or person who emitted them. This accessory therefore protects the wearer from the evil eye and evil spirits.

The colors of this natural gem also have a role in the protection and development of the wearer of the bracelet. The golden yellow represents imagination and joie de vivre; brown symbolizes stability and elegance. This bracelet can therefore be considered as a lucky talisman.

Forge a mind of steel with your tiger's eye bracelet on your wrist!

We discussed it earlier: in lithotherapy, the eye of the tiger refers to courage, energy and dynamism. Wearing a bracelet with this stone would therefore allow you to have better contact with others and gain confidence. The jewel contributes to the stimulation of the solar plexus chakra and the root chakra, which helps the wearer to surpass himself and free himself from fears. It is from this dominant virtue of the eye of the tiger that comes his nickname most often cited: "The Stone of Liberty".

This accessory also manages to get rid of our stress and, thus, encourage perseverance and concentration. By freeing ourselves from negative thoughts, it pushes us to act positively on ourselves and those around us.

In the most receptive people, the tiger's eye bracelet even helps to recharge energies, taking the role of the stone of optimism, another nickname given to it by some amateurs.

A bracelet that would take care of our physical health?

As tiger's eye stone is known for its many benefits on our carnal envelope, alternative medicine practitioners consider that wearing a bracelet made of this stone can favorably influence our health.

This jewel would relieve various ailments such as osteoarthritis, knee pain, and some eye problems. It also appears to contribute to the overall strengthening of joints and bones, reducing the risk of bone fractures. Some lithotherapy professionals also report having obtained results on asthma, by rarefying attacks with the help of jewelry or stones rolled in tiger's eye.

Find a good harmony with the tiger's eye bracelet

Asian tradition states that tiger's eye stone brings a better balance of energies, especially on an emotional level. Thus, a jewel adorned with this stone, such as a tiger's eye bracelet, makes it possible to harmonize the energies of Yin and Yang. It is this harmonization that protects us from negative emotions by avoiding energy imbalances.

Good news, the magnetism of the tiger's eye stone being particularly powerful, it diffuses around its wearer and, like a shield, also protects its direct environment against these emotions and negative energies from the outside.

How to properly wear a tiger's eye bracelet?

After acquiring a tiger's eye bracelet, you are probably wondering how to wear it to feel all its benefits?

Rest assured, there is no particular rule to follow regarding its port. It is especially important to be comfortable wearing it, and to be able to continue to evolve as freely and naturally as if you did not wear jewelry.

Often, when a person owns this bracelet, the question that arises is which wrist to wear it on. The answer is simple: the main thing is to put it on the wrist that offers you the most comfort because it is in this way that the radiation of the stone will be most noticeable. Note, however, that this radiation may manifest itself in a slightly different way depending on the side on which you wear the bracelet.

Why wear it on the left wrist?

The left part of our body represents the connection with our "deep self", it touches our chakras as well as our inner energies. It relates to yin, the center of femininity and self-love. By wearing it on the left wrist, the tiger's eye bracelet helps us reduce anxiety and regain more lucidity. It stimulates creativity and remedies various internal blockages. We feel a renewed serenity and security, and our recurring fears become more discreet.

In summary, when placed on the left side, the tiger's eye bracelet develops our inner strengths, and especially our self-esteem. It thus contributes to a better channeling of emotions.

Why wear it on the right wrist?

The right side of our body is related to our external environment. It is also he who erects the emotional barrier that protects us from external aggressions. It is home to the Yang, the male pole. This part of ourselves takes care of connections with others and control of energies transferred outward.

By placing the tiger's eye bracelet on our right wrist, we protect ourselves from external energy disturbances. But we also pick up positive vibes more effectively, which provides a sense of confidence and vitality. Thus, when it is on our right wrist, the tiger's eye bracelet gives us more energy to face difficult times and helps us improve our social relationships.

We can therefore say that the tiger's eye, when it interacts with our right side, brings us strength and consistency. It facilitates the transfer of positive energies from the outside to the inside. An additional asset, this state of serenity that it gives us gives us the energy to want to help those who matter to us.

How to choose your tiger's eye bracelet?

If you've gotten to this paragraph, then you may be about to buy your first tiger eye bracelet. You have consulted the offers of the different merchants but it has only caused trouble in your mind: the choice is so impressive that you do not know which one to buy!

Here are some tips that will help you decide.

To guide you to your final choice, here are the points you need to clarify:

  • the size of your wrist
  • the style of the bracelet and how the stone is highlighted

Un exemple de bracelet oeil de tigre

Start by measuring your wrist

In order to choose a bracelet that you can wear comfortably every day, without feeling the slightest discomfort, you must start by measuring your wrist.

In the world of jewelry, the circumference of the wrist is measured where the bracelet is placed. You can make this measurement with a seamstress meter for example. Most adult wrists (men and women combined) measure between 14 and 22cm. This heterogeneity shows us the importance of choosing a bracelet of the right size, neither too loose nor too tight.

Your new bracelet should not be too tight, in which case it would cut off blood circulation on your wrist and quickly become unbearable. But it also must not be too big otherwise, it will slide along your forearm with each movement and you will decide very quickly to store it in a drawer!

A bracelet with the right size remains firmly in place on the wrist, even when the arm is in motion, but without the wearer feeling any compression.

Elastic bracelets are among the most popular because they adapt to several sizes of wrists. But then we will see that this is not their only advantage.

Now that you know the circumference of your wrist, we invite you to choose the style of your future tiger eye bracelet.

Choose a bracelet style

During your research, you have certainly realized that there is a wide variety of styles of tiger's eye bracelets. The stone is sometimes alone, cut into cabochon, or multiple, in the form of pearls of different shapes and sizes.

The very structure of the bracelet can also vary: there are tiger's eye bracelets mounted on metal chain (gold, silver or plated), on leather or waxed cotton ties... Not easy to find your way around!

At Coco Papaya, as lithotherapy enthusiasts, we again recommend elastic bracelets because they are the ones that let the energies of the stone express themselves the most. What for? Simply because, in the absence of any other material except an elastic thread, the entire bracelet is made of stone, which allows a more intense and purer energy radiation. The elastic lithotherapy bracelet is therefore the one that allows you to really experience the virtues of stone.

Are you following us? Now let's see the size of the stone(s) that adorn the bracelet.

It is commonly accepted that the larger a stone is, the more powerful its energy. It is therefore understood that bracelets decorated with large stones have a stronger radiation than those composed of small stones. A person who is new to lithotherapy will therefore be more likely to perceive and remediate the radiation of the stone if his bracelet is decorated with large pearls.

But there is also the question of the look and in this area, you are the only judge. It is essential that you choose a bracelet that you really like and that you want to wear just by looking at it! To feel the energy, you must be totally "in tune" with your new bracelet and a priori, this is only possible if you find it elegant.

Just let us share our experience in this area: most women usually like to wear bracelets made of small stones (4 to 6mm). Men, on the other hand, often prefer the largest stones (8mm, 10mm, sometimes even bigger). Note that this is a heavy trend, but not the absolute truth!

If these tips are not enough and if you still have not chosen the lucky one, then we have one last idea to offer you: the mixture of genres!

Rather than a single tiger's eye bracelet, why not choose several that you will wear simultaneously as a cuff, or alternately, depending on your mood of the day? Why not associate a tiger's eye bracelet with another, composed of a stone complementary by its color or energies?

Get emotionally involved, let your tastes and personality interfere in the process of choice: this is probably one of the most important keys to really understanding the magic of stones.

Zoom sur les perles d'un bracelet en oeil de tigre

Is the tiger's eye bracelet compatible with other stones?

We have just addressed this question and the answer is yes: the energies of tiger's eye stone are compatible and even complementary with those of other lithotherapy stones.

These include:

  • rock crystal
  • howlite
  • lapis lazuli
  • hematite
  • lava stone
  • black onyx (or black agate)

Each of these stones diffuses a magnetism different from that of the tiger's eye. We invite you to consult their properties in our blog, or in the guide on lithotherapy that we offer for any order without minimum purchase.

The interest is twofold. On the aesthetic level first, the alliance of the tiger's eye with these other stones is of the most beautiful effect, we let you judge for yourself!

But it is also beneficial from an energetic point of view, because these minerals have the power to strengthen or complement the virtues of tiger's eye. Let's see how...

The rock crystal, for example, acts as an amplifier that reinforces the innate magnetism of the stone with which it is associated.

The howlite and the lava stone, two anchor stones, strengthen the bond with the deep self and therefore the feeling of inner peace.

Lapis lazuli restores self-confidence and helps to take initiative.

Hematite boosts strength of character and willpower.

Onyx plays a balancing role between psychic and spiritual energies...

So many complementarities that we advise you to explore in order to find the one that works best for you!

How to purify and recharge the tiger's eye bracelet?

We have just seen this in detail: wearing a tiger's eye bracelet is not only trendy and aesthetic, but it also allows you to enjoy the virtues of this highly radiant stone. However, after wearing the bracelet for a while, it becomes necessary to clean it in order to purify it of the unwanted energies that contaminate it. These energies, which come mainly from the carrier, are stored by the stone, which disrupts its radiation. The process of eliminating these parasitic energies is called purification.

This action is also necessary if the jewel has just been worn by someone other than you.

There are several methods of purification, which vary from one stone to another. We will limit ourselves here to presenting the most recommended purification method for tiger's eye stone.

The best way to do this is to soak your bracelet for two to three hours in a container with lightly salted tap water. Once this is done, you can start to benefit from the virtues of your bracelet again for about a week before the next purification.

Caution though, as soaking the bracelet in water for several hours can alter the strength of the elastic (if there is one), or oxidize the metal (if any). To avoid this inconvenience, another solution is to carry out "Flash" purifications. Here's how: Run your bracelet for just a few seconds under tap water, then dry it immediately with a clean cloth.

This way of doing things has the advantage of not damaging the elastic or the metal. But it is less efficient from an energy point of view because it does not rid the bracelet of all the residual energies. It is therefore necessary to purify your bracelet much more often, at least once a day, if you choose this technique.

Now let's talk about reloading the stone. Even if you regularly purify your tiger's eye bracelet, you may feel that its intrinsic energy is weakening. In this case, it is necessary to reload the stone with the sun's rays.

Place your bracelet in a place that is particularly well exposed to the sun's rays, such as a windowsill for example. Let it recharge like this for several hours. Solar energy replenishes the original energy radiation of the stone. Receptive people feel the effects of recharging almost instantly! Others think that purification alone is enough to give back all its power to a lithotherapy bracelet... We let you form your own opinion on this.

It is now time to conclude this article dedicated to the tiger's eye bracelet, probably the most essential of all lithotherapy jewelry !

Would you like to comment on this publication? Or explain your point of view to other readers? Our blog is a space for sharing, so feel free to post a comment using the buttons below. We are happy to answer every question and guide anyone who asks us to.


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