More than just a fashion accessory, a moonstone bracelet contains a number of mysteries. Indeed, this jewel has so many virtues thanks to the stone that composes it. The latter is very symbolic, both in Vedic astrology and in lithotherapy.

However, it is necessary to know how to wear this bracelet, not to mention that there are different models of it. How to choose your bracelet made of moonstone? In this article, you will learn more about the virtues of this jewel and its main selection criteria.

What is a moonstone bracelet?

Have you ever been attracted to a moonstone bracelet? This little jewel seduces by its appearance and by the beauty of the crystal of which composes it. The natural stone used for these bracelets is also known as Adulaire.

It belongs to the species of orthoses (a variety of silicate), and more precisely to the group of feldspars, such as labradorite, sunstone and amazonite for example.

It exists in various colors ranging from white to brown, through a wide range of beige and orange tones. We sometimes speak of moonstone "peach", or "white": the most sought-after variety.

Whatever its dominant color, it always has pearly and iridescent reflections. It is possible to find this gem with silver, yellow, orange, or blue reflections. It is very popular in lithotherapy and for the manufacture of jewelry, and has a great spiritual significance since it would promote premonitory dreams and intuitions.

Being a stone with a powerful magnetism, the moonstone influences the energies of the person who wears it, and absorbs part of it.

For this reason, it is important to purify it frequently, that is to say to cleanse it of the energies it has stored, before wearing it again.

A few details about this purification and reloading procedure: simply place the bracelet in a container, such as a scallop for example, and add a little water. Leave the stone in contact with the water for a few hours and it will drain of all its energy. It will then remain only to recharge it so that it regains all its powers. To do this, it is enough to expose it to lunar light for an entire night, placed on the sill of a window for example.

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The virtues offered by a moonstone bracelet

Why wear a moonstone bracelet? Many people like to wear this accessory only for its beauty. But thanks to its natural magnetism, this jewel also contains many unsuspected virtues. Moreover, these benefits are perceptible to all: men and women; in full health, or going through a difficult life episode.

The physical benefits of the moonstone bracelet

According to lithotherapy experts, moonstone could promote better physical health. A bracelet with this gem therefore contains many advantages:

  • Moonstone would improve the regulation of the nervous system
  • It would encourage the production of dopamine, promoting the feeling of well-being. In addition, it would reduce the secretion of the hormone responsible for stress;
  • This mineral would also have a soothing effect, and would also bring a good harmony of the digestive system;
  • In the sick person, the moonstone bracelet is likely to provide relief and comfort. It boosts organs and immune defenses to better cope with a disease.

We specify here that the benefits of moonstone are a complementary aid to live in good health, but they should in no way replace medical advice or ongoing treatment.

What does the moonstone bracelet bring spiritually and emotionally?

Moonstone is known as a stone from which radiates a gentle and benevolent energy. It promotes harmony and positive emotions, for a newfound inner peace.

This gem also has the ability to enhance imagination, sensitivity as well as creativity.

It would even seem that it encourages extra-sensory abilities, and a form of clairvoyance, increased lucidity about oneself and others. A bracelet with this stone also encourages open-mindedness and the goodness of the soul.

For a couple, thanks to its power and soft energies, this natural stone energizes love and understanding. The moonstone bracelet positively impacts the couple relationship and brings good vibrations on the partners!

Benefits for women, and for men too!

Moonstone is particularly beneficial for women.

It would make it possible to remedy various hormonal problems. Wearing a bracelet with this gem would prevent menstrual disorders and cycle problems. For women suffering from menstruation problems, moonstone could soothe the pains felt.

Finally, since very ancient times, moonstone has been recognized as the stone that promotes the fertility of women.

In humans, this gem has rather a soothing power.

A moonstone bracelet will therefore be beneficial to those gentlemen with bad temperament, or often feeling negative emotions such as anger or sadness.

This bracelet can also be useful for a man with an impulsive character: it will help him to adopt a more thoughtful behavior and thus to find more serenity.

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How to choose your moonstone bracelet?

Do you want to enjoy the virtues of moonstone? Buying a bracelet is a very good option. However, it is important to choose it well. Here are our tips:

  • Choose a trusted merchant. There are many imitations and some sellers will not hesitate to sell you a synthetic stone by passing it off as natural moonstone. That's why we recommend that you buy your bracelet from a reliable and recognized merchant. Word of mouth, but also consumer reviews will give you valuable useful clues as to the seriousness of the sellers you consult.
  • Pay attention to the size of your bracelet. Start by measuring the circumference of your wrist to know the ideal size you need. For a woman, it usually oscillates between 15 and 18cm; and for a man between 17 and 21cm. For a better diffusion of energy, we advise you to choose a bracelet that places the stone in direct contact with the skin. Elastic bracelets are a very good choice, because they have the advantage of adapting to most wrists, and placing a large number of stones in contact with the skin.
  • Let yourself be guided by the choice of heart ! True enthusiasts attach great importance to feeling: a lithotherapy bracelet and its wearer must be found naturally, and almost magically! Promised: you too will feel this evidence. Look carefully at all the bracelets that are offered to you and wait for the choice to be made naturally in your mind.

How to wear the moonstone bracelet?

If you already own a moonstone bracelet, or if you are waiting to receive it shortly, we must give you these few tips on the right way to wear this jewel.

We have already seen above that a lithotherapy bracelet, whatever it is, should ideally be worn in such a way that the stones are in direct contact with the skin. This makes it more efficient to transmit energy from the stones to the wearer.

Our second tip is to always wear your jewel at the level of your secondary and not main hand. In other words, if you are left-handed then it should be worn on the right hand. And conversely, a right-handed person will always put it on his left wrist. Indeed, the secondary hand being less solicited during the day, it remains more often in a posture of rest, which promotes a better efficiency of the energy of the stones on the wearer. Not to mention that the risk of damaging the bracelet is significantly reduced when it is not worn on the main hand...

Finally, to take care of your bracelet so that you can wear it for a very long time, we advise you to systematically remove it during the night and at the time of the toilet (in the shower or in the bath). If you have opted for an elastic bracelet, remember to periodically check the strength of the thread and change it if necessary. This operation is easy and inexpensive. It only takes a few minutes and many tutorials are available on the internet to learn the method.

We come to the end of this article. The Coco Papaya team hopes to have provided you with sound information, and is at your disposal for any further questions. Feel free to ask your questions by posting a comment (below). Kalya, our lithotherapy specialist will be happy to answer with as much precision as possible!

See you again!




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