What exactly is lithotherapy?

Coming from the Greek terms lithos, stone, and theraperia, care, lithotherapy is a form of alternative medicine that consists in treating oneself thanks to the energy of the stones. Some traditional medicines have been using stones for millennia, as in India, where they were considered to have therapeutic virtues. Jade and amber were crushed and added to medicines in Chinese medicine, while some stones are sold directly in pharmacies, Russia and Ukraine.

But then, how does it work?

On contact with the skin, the vibrational emissions produced by the crystals would resonate with man's natural energy system. Thus, each stone, with its own crystal structure, could correct the imbalances of energy in our body.

Be careful though: lithotherapy does not promise to cure all your ailments simply by wearing a stone around your neck. She is especially there to accompany you in your daily problems and to reconnect you with yourself and nature.

It is often the aesthetic aspect that gives the impetus to the choice of a stone, but if it has hit you in the eye, it is probably because there is a good reason!

The 5 stones that will help you sleep better

And now our advice. Here are five stones that could well help you find complete nights thanks to their magical powers!

Amethyst, to find a deep sleep

Considered a base stone in lithotherapy, Amethyst is a powerful crystal that promotes cerebral clarity. With its deep purple color, it softens headaches, stomach cramps related to anxiety or stress and reduces nightmares. It is a safe bet for those who think too much and seek calm and appeasement in their restless nights.

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Howlite,to soothe your mind

Very soothing, as its sober and elegant appearance suggests, the Howlite is perfect for calming tensions and alleviating emotional torments. By wearing it daily in jewelry or amulet, it helps relieve stress and insomnia. Considered as a crystal of anchoring and inner peace, it helps the most sensitive and negative people to rebalance themselves by bringing them comfort and sweetness.

Pink Quartz,to ease emotional tensions

Symbolizing love, Pink Quartz has long been known as a stone that can heal both physical and emotional wounds. Soft and soothing thanks to its pretty pink tint, pink Quartz will balance your emotional but also relational state. Ideal for sleep disorders, it will allow you to make the inner emptiness and find the essential soothing to fall asleep peacefully.

Malachite,to reassure children before sleeping

With its intense green dress, Malachite is a crystal frequently used to combat insomnia problems. Known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-repreasing properties, it soothes tensions and removes negative energies. It is especially suitable for children, especially if they have a lot of nightmares.

Amazonite, to fight against electromagnetic waves

Are you sensitive to the waves emitted by your microwave, your mobile phone or even your internet box? Amazonite is the stone for you! Soothing, Amazonite tranquilizes and relaxes the mind, not to mention that it absorbs electromagnetic and electrostatic waves that can affect the quality of sleep.

How to use your sleep stones well?

Worn in jewelry, exposed as objects of decorations, or real lucky amulets slipped into the wallet, lithotherapy stones can be used in many ways!

To facilitate the return of a deep sleep, we advise you to place some well-chosen stones under your pillow or near you, on the bedside table for example. We do not recommend keeping the jewelry on you during the night as this is quite uncomfortable and may damage it.

As beautiful as they are mysterious, the stones raise many questions and a lot of curiosity. To help you get back to sleep, but also to soothe your daily anxieties and reconnect with yourself, stones can be precious allies.

So, want to try?

It is reminded, however, that lithotherapy does not replace a medical consultation if you have recurrent and disabling sleep disorders for your daily life.




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