The lithotherapie is to take the vibrational energy of each stone to get the benefits that affect our bodies and our minds. The energy of each is determined by its chemical composition, which disseminates different energies, and thus, will have various influences on our state of mind and our behavior.

We had previously seen 6 stones to defeat stress and anxiety, but today, they are the ones that protect us against the evil, the bad people, the evil eye and negative energies that we are especially interested in.


Why do you need a stone of protection ?


All the stones said to be from protection, do not protect in the same manner and of the same things. Indeed, the power of the stone is strong, but no one offers a perfect protection and total, and it is thus necessary to discern your real needs in terms of protection to choose the best stone to suit you.

The benefits of the stones are so numerous that it is difficult of all to state, it would be necessary to study extensively the lithotherapie to concretely understand the power and scope of each, but it takes time and investment. Then Coconut Papaya makes it easy to spot and helps you to find THE stone to be the most relevant according to your needs.

To begin with, you need to have clear ideas and take the time to think. In fact, often, one problem masks another, deeper and more difficult to confess. To determine them precisely, do not hesitate to practice meditation and/or a list of your needs and fears on paper.


The different families of protective stones.


The stones, the protecting may be classified into 4 distinct families. They have a different way of acting on the energies. This classification can vary somewhat depending on the opinion and experience of the people, but it is one that we felt was the most fair. You are also free to make your own opinion by experiencing the lithotherapie and the power of the stones. Determine what energies are released from each stone and in what category you would place yourself.


→ Stones protective absorbing.

The stones that we classify as absorbent will retain the negative energies, preserving its bearer thereof, up to a certain threshold of absorption. Once the stone has accumulated a maximum of negative energies, it reaches a point of saturation and can cause more harm than good by rejecting the energy previously stored. To avoid reaching this stage, these stones should be thesubject of frequent purifications, or even be replaced, as the obsidian which has a port for a limited time.

In this family of stones of protection say-absorbent, there is the black tourmaline, obsidian black or an eye in heaven and the labradorite.

pierres protectrices absorbantes


→ Stones protective repulsive.

These stones will repel the negative energies, it is what many call the mirror effect. They return the energies, without the store, and therefore not the problem of saturation. On the other hand, It happens that they return the energies of the wearer to itself. This means that the bad energy transmitted by the bearer of the stone can be returned. This is why we do not recommend these stones to persons who are temporarily loaded in negative energy, such as people who are very depressed, for example.

In this category, one finds in particular the eye of the tiger, which is regarded as the protective stone repellent par excellence.

pierre oeil de tigre

→ Stones protective by appeasement.

The stones of which it is question here, are not protective or anything, but allow you to break the energetic mechanisms that create situations of discomfort or ill-being triggered by the energies negative. They offer a way of finding calm and clarity, to release anger and avoid being overwhelmed by a stressful situation.

The main stones having these health benefits are amethyst, moonstone and labradorite. We discover, therefore, that the labradorite is both absorbent and soothing, which makes it a stone of protection especially interesting.

pierres protectrices appaissantes


→ Stones protective by using radiation.

The stones from this family have the effect of influencing the energies of a person, pushing her to develop positive energies. They can help to develop a will that deter some people to be hostile towards their wearer. They can also help to limit the fatigue and the sadness. These stones influence the mood and actions in a positive way, but can lead to a feeling of invincibility, leading to an oversized ego among carriers already particularly confident. They are mainly recommended to people feeling a lack of confidence in themselves

It is found especially in the family stone, sun, fire opal, carnelian and hematite.

pierres de protection par aide au rayonnement


The stones of protection and their effects.

Perhaps the information you have-it helped to determine what family of stones of protections you need ? Now you need to choose the stone that will protect you the best ! You can learn more about each of the stones to make your choice, or you make your own opinion by trying them, because the stone can act differently depending on the energies of the wearer. However, to get an idea, Coco Papaya, you speak in a little more detail of 4 stones each belonging to a different category.


→ The black obsidian (or an eye in heaven).

oeil celleste collier

This stone is the absorbent, is a kind of black hole, unlike other stones of its class, it does not retain the energy until saturation, but makes them disappear. It does not require any purification and its power is waning ever, this may seem like an advantage, but too much wear, this can lead to harmful effects.

Indeed, the power of the black obsidian running continuously, it absorbs the energies to be malicious, but once she has nothing more to aspire to, it also absorbs energy potentially positive. Wear it too long could lead to isolation, depression, and out of the memories previously buried.

To conclude, the black obsidian (or an eye in heaven), is a stone of protection that are very effective in small doses, but that should be worn sparingly, especially by those fragile spiritually.


→ The eye of the Tiger.

oeil de tigre collier

This stone repulsive, returns the energy charges without the absorb, it may not be saturating. Like a mirror, it returns all the form of energies back to their sender, which means in particular that it pushes the negative energies of others, turning against itself.

But attention, this means that it also returns the negative energies of the wearer against himself ! The bearer of the eye of the Tiger feel the effect of his words, actions, and thoughts coming back to him like a boomerang. Station to him if he mainly issues of negative energies !

In conclusion, if the Tiger eye has the ability to return effectively the energy like a mirror, it can affect his carrier ! You need to be careful about the energy that it gives off to avoid perverse effects. This is why we do not recommend the Tiger eye to the people that carry already a lot of negative energies, in order to avoid that they grow still.


→ Amethyst.

amethyste collier

This stone's soothing, is not purely protective, it pushes're carrying to protect himself. In fact, it has virtues anti-stress, tranquilizing properties and help to see things more clearly, which will put its wearer in the best possible conditions, emotional and spiritual.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote about it that the amethyst had "the power to dissipate evil thoughts". It is a stone that helps to relieve the sadness and nervousness. In this way, the carrier is more willing to avoid the manipulation, emotional and energy can be harmful, leading them to protect himself.

The Amethyst is therefore a stone to be worn without moderation, but its power of protection varies according to the carriers.


→ The stone of Sun.

pierre de soleil collier

The stone is radiant, and helps you feel more energetic, and happier, by fighting against the feelings of sadness and depression, it helps to better tolerate the presence of negative people and to mitigate the effect of their energies. The stone of the Sun allows you to feel stronger, develop a certain self-confidence, but be careful, this can prove to be harmful for people who already have an ego that is very strong.

The excess of self-confidence may push them to confront the obstacles that are too high compared to the capacity of the individual, resulting in the failures some.

The stone of the Sun is a stone of protection that are very effective, but it is necessary to carry to a certain extent to avoid losing the sense of reality !



The semi-precious stones for protection : does it work ?


If you continued your reading until here, you have no-doubt realized that, yes, the stones are effective to protect themselves although it is necessary to choose them meticulously. Each stone has positive effects peculiar to itself and is more or less effective according to different criteria : its time of use (particularly for stone absorbent), the state of mind of its bearer, its environment, the energies that surround it, etc

Nevertheless, the lithotherapie is not magic, the power of the stones is earthly, but is in the " invisible ". It is important to keep in mind that the stones are first and foremost an aid, but they cannot protect us completely alone. For the effective protection and a harmonious life, it is before all the work on oneself that is important. The stones are not miraculous but help us in this work on ourselves by putting ourselves in a condition, in repelling, absorbing, or by amplifying certain energies.

You can buy semi-precious stones, protective, and begin to feel the effects of their powers, you can find them with our jewelry and stone lithotherapie on the shop, we would be very happy to know what effects the stones have on you.


Do you already have stones of protection ? What effects have they on you ? Express yourself in the comment space and don't be afraid to include anecdotes to help other people to choose the stone that would be appropriate.