Harmonization of the 7 main chakras with the stones of Lithotherapie.

The doctrine of Kundalini Yoga teaches us that our body is home to 7 major energy centers, called chakras, which are split along the spine, from the pelvic floor (root chakra) to the top of the head (chakra coronal or crown).

Our vital energy circulates continuously between these 7 chakras, which allows us to achieve harmony in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When an imbalance occurs (caused by a disease or a psychological shock, for example), the circulation of the vital energy is disturbed, and our well-being is called into question.

The stones and crystals Lithotherapie can help us to harmonize the energies of our chakras.

Let's see how.

chakras coco papaya

How to align our 7 chakras with stones and crystals Lithotherapie ?

If you have already ordered a jewel or natural stone and on our online shop, you should have received our free guide on the lithotherapie. In this work, we briefly explain how to use the stones and minerals to harmonize our 7 main chakras. Here's a reminder :

The simplest method is to determine what are the chakras imbalance, in order to focus your work on these energy centers in particular. Or, you can also choose to all work simultaneously. Or even the one after the other, starting with the first chakra "Muladhara". The method is more accessible, and certainly the most effective too, is the technique of meditation with the stones. This has in particular been described by Philip Permutt in his book "These stones that heal" (published by "the mail from the book"). Nowadays, it is the technique of choice for most practitioners of Lithotherapie, in France as elsewhere. Here is a brief description :

Isolate yourself away from the noise and the hustle and bustle, then sit comfortably in the supine position. Place the stones and crystals suitable along your body. Each stone precisely on the chakra that corresponds to it.

If you prefer, you can work only one chakra at a time, and thus with a single stone. You will take care of the chakras the following in the next meditation sessions.

Meditate for 10 minutes minimum (20 minutes are recommended), in an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Think of lighting a stick of incense, or to spread your fragrance mood favorite : this will help you to clear your mind.

It is important for you to focus on the energies flowing around you, and avoid thinking about anything that could divert your attention. Immerse yourself in the meditative state the deepest possible and surrender yourself completely to that state of absolute serenity.

Once the session is complete, you can remove the stones, purify them and then store them (They will be ready for the next session).

For a harmonization work more smoothly, you can choose to wear a jewel 7 chakras or jewels specially chosen according to the chakra balancing and then wear them all day long. But don't kid yourself : meditation session with the stones is, without question, a practice that is much more effective to refocus and harmonize your vital energies.


The 1st chakra, the root chakra or Muladhara.

chakra racine chakra de base chakra muladhara rouge

"I am "

The first of the 7 main chakras is located at the perineum, at the base of the spine. The root chakra, comes from the Sanskrit "Muladhara".

It is the energy center of vital instinct and wisdom. It connects us directly to the earth and the material world. It represents the dynamism and the force of survival. It is a source of fighting spirit, well-being, but also of security. It exerts an influence on the knees, feet, rectum and the adrenaline that is secreted by our body.

A root chakra harmonized, neither in excess nor in shortage, brings the sense of security and rootedness to the earth. You feel good, your body is in good shape and your mind is centered. This chakra connects the body to the spirit, and when it is balanced, you feel master of yourself. You are ready to take the initiative, to consider new projects, and to stabilize you.

If the root chakra is too open, it makes them selfish and short-tempered, even violent. You are excessive, both in your emotions and in your behavior. You accumulate material goods and money while abusing alcohol, tobacco, coffee, food, sex. The energies of kundalini from the root chakra present in excess also cause health problems. It is likely that you're suffering from obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure, rheumatism or even cholesterol.

On the other hand, a root chakra too open is likely to give the feeling of lack and fear. This situation causes a host of negative feelings : insecurity, fear of abandonment, stress, lack of confidence, mistrust. You let yourself go, you feel discouraged... You are not able to focus, you are easily distracted, you flee from the reality. You sleep well at night because you made many nightmares, and your discomfort is visible physically. On the physical plane, a root chakra underdeveloped causes of back pain, digestive disorders, loss of smell and sexual urge, or even tumors, fibroids and a decalcification of the bones.

To harmonize the first chakra, red Jasper is the main stone associated with the root chakra. Stone of supreme protection, it is the symbol of strength and stability. Jasper promotes a global state of trust and serenity, it brings the assurance necessary to move forward in life. This natural stone promotes introspection and personal development. It helps you to know yourself better and helps you put into perspective your fears. Pierre eminently aphrodisiac, red jasper also has regulatory effects on the physical body, including the blood system and hormonal. Red Jasper aligns the root chakra.

 jaspe rouge pierre naturelle chakra racine coco papaya

In summary :

  • The root chakra is also called the base chakra. It is located at the perineum, at the bottom of the spine.
  • It is the energy center of vital instinct and wisdom.
  • Its dominant colour is red.
  • It is linked to fertility, to birth and stability.
  • A root chakra is too open, makes them selfish and short-tempered. The behavior is abusive.
  • A root chakra blocked or closed makes it suspicious and likely. The fear and despair you invade.
  • The red Jasper is the main stone acting on the root chakra. Practice a meditation session applying a red jasper at the level of your root chakra, to harmonize the energies.

The 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra, or Svadhistana.

chakra sacré orange

"I am "

The second of the 7 chakras, is located between the navel and the sex. The sacral chakra comes from the sanskrit "Swashisthana". It is the energy center of knowledge, creativity and movement. It influences the feelings, the relationships, the reproductive organs and the kidneys.

If the sacral chakra is correctly aligned, if it is not present neither in excess nor in shortage, you are then able to live peacefully, in complete independence. A sacral chakra balanced offers self-confidence and resilience. Your sex life is fulfilling and relations with others are beneficial and spontaneous. You can easily interpret your feelings and emotions. You have demonstrated creativity, enthusiasm and sensuality. You are ready to explore your limits. This chakra is often imbalanced during adolescence.

If the sacral chakra is too open, gluttony is also, like the aggressiveness. Your emotional dependency pushes you to hypersensitivity. You lack of maturity in the management of your relationships, while your sexual activity is unrestrained. You don't miss out of ambition and are willing to manipulate others to achieve your goals.

Conversely, a sacral chakra in the lack of energy is often related to an education is too authoritarian, creating fears and taboos. Your life, sex is almost non-existent. You lack confidence and have fear of being abandoned. You constantly have the impression of a lack of something, without knowing what it is. Your behavior lack of initiative, spontaneity and sensitivity.

To harmonize the second chakra, the Carnelian is the stone proper. This stone brings the energy, the courage, the resilience and emotional balance. For these reasons, the carnelian may also be recommended for people who feel ready to regain the initiative after having gone through a difficult period. Carnelian is useful for fighting against problems related to blood and its circulation. It also promotes the development in terms of sexual relations. Carnelian balances the sacral chakra. The stone of the sun, topaz imperial, and the calcite orange can also be used to align the sacral chakra.

 cornaline pierre naturelle chakra sacré coco papaya

In summary :

  • The sacral chakra is also called chakra or lumbar chakra of sex. It is located just below the navel.
  • Its dominant color is the orange.
  • It is the chakra of sexual activity and physical, and artistic creation.
  • The sacral chakra is directly connected to the joy of life and sexuality.
  • A sacral chakra is too open, makes them aggressive and dependent on the emotional level. The ambition pushes them to the manipulation of others.
  • A sacral chakra blocked or closed makes it suspicious and insensitive. Sexuality is a taboo.
  • Carnelian, the stone of sun, and the calcite orange are the main stones acting on the sacral chakra. Practice a meditation session applying one of these stones at the level of your sacral chakra, to harmonize the energies.

The 3rd chakra, the chakra of the solar plexus or the Manipura.

chakra du plexus solaire jaune

"I feel,"


The third of the 7 chakras, is situated 6 to 8 cm above the navel, between the vertebrae D11 and D12. The chakra of the solar plexus, from the sanskrit "Manipura", is the energy center of self-esteem, personality, and transformation. Such a nerve center, it sorts the energies and redistributes them to the other chakras. It allows the balance of thoughts and emotions.

A chakra of the solar plexus properly aligned, or when present in excess, or lack, brings joy, respect, spontaneity and sympathy. Your confidence in yourself and your abilities, and your desire to succeed push you to undertake several tasks at once. Your emotions flow freely, your consciousness is awakened.

If the chakra of the solar plexus is present in excess, it makes arrogant, hateful, obsessed with work and duty. The control, manipulation, hyperactivity, authority and the permanent dissatisfaction are your main traits of character. Your emotions are too many and, not knowing how to manage them, you make proof of rudeness, disrespect and bragging. This results in disorders of the liver, the pancreas, and many digestive disorders.

Conversely, a chakra of the solar plexus too little, this results in a lack of will, ambition and self-esteem. It is hard to say " no ". You give in often to the submission, indecision, distrust, and even nervousness.

To align the third chakra, thetiger eye is the stone ideal. Stone of protection, often referred to as the "stone of freedom", because it helps to overcome their fears and gain self-confidence. It blocks the negative energies from the outside and returns to the one who issued them. This stone helps, therefore, to protect themselves from the malice of evil influences and the evil eye. The Tiger eye harmonizes the chakra of the solar plexus. The citrine andamber can also be useful to the chakra of the solar plexus.

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oeil de tigre pierre naturelle chakra plexus solaire coco papaya 

In summary :

  • The chakra of the solar plexus is the hub of all energies in the human body. It brings the vital force, the ability to achieve everything that we take to heart. It is located a few centimeters above the navel.
  • The chakra of the solar plexus is the seat of emotions and personality.
  • A chakra of the solar plexus is too open, makes them haughty, manipulative and disrespectful. The work and the appearance becomes a priority.
  • A chakra of the solar plexus blocked, or closed, leads to the submission, indecision, mistrust and lack of willingness.
  • The chakra of the solar plexus gives us the health and is directly related to the digestive system (stomach, liver, spleen and pancreas).
  • To align it, practice a meditation session applying a yellow stone (such as the'Eye of the tiger, citrine or amber) at the level of your chakra of the solar plexus.

The 4th chakra, the heart chakra or Anahata.

chakra du coeur j'aime vert

"I like it "


The fourth of the 7 chakras, is located at the center of the chest. The heart chakra, "Anahata" in sanskrit, is the energy center of love, acceptance and courage. It allows the love of self and others, peace, compassion and forgiveness. It influences feelings of joy and inner peace. It regulates the blood circulation, the heart and the thymus.

A heart chakra harmonized, or, when present in excess, or lack, makes it possible to express unconditional love. You are able to show forgiveness, open-mindedness, compassion. You breathe the joy of living and your feelings express themselves naturally. You have no difficulty to accept yourself as you are. You expand donations curative be useful to others as to yourself.

If the heart chakra is present in excess, this can cause two different reactions :

  • the quest of affection, at any cost, is leaving to devote oneself totally to the other, forgetting himself.
  • Or vice versa, the self-centeredness and narcissism to the utmost. This leaves space as the indifference and lack of interest towards others. This behavior usually occurs as a result of an event that created emotional wounds deep, like a painful separation or a betrayal. You feel misunderstood. You are jealous and uncompromising. It is possible that you suffer from blood circulation disorders or heart problems.

Conversely, a heart chakra blocked or closed leads to anger, promotes depression, selfishness, possessiveness and loneliness. Dependent you're the love of others and cling to material goods. You have difficulties to make decisions, just as to forgive and to trust. The fear of rejection over you, to such an extent that you end up believing that you don't need to love for fear to suffer. This behavior leads to a result of the failures emotional, because it is much easier to disappoint you than to make you happy.

To align the fourth chakra, the malachite is the stone ideal. Often called the "stone of healing", his energy would help mitigate the pain both physical and psychic. On the emotional level, the malachite helps to gain more insight on the nature and intentions of others, which allows you to avoid people adverse to our personal evolution. Malachite balances the heart chakra just like other stones of a green color, and in particular, theaventurine.

malachite pierre naturelle chakra coeur coco papaya

In summary :

  • The heart chakra promotes love and communion of ideas. It is located in the centre of the chest, a few centimeters to the right of the heart.
  • The heart chakra is linked to the notions of peace with others, indulgence, forgiveness, and trust.
  • A heart chakra too open makes self-centered, narcissistic and lacking emotional standing.
  • A heart chakra blocked or closed leads to behaviors possessive, materialistic, lonely and many failures with relationships.
  • It affects the health of our heart and our lungs.
  • The malachite and green aventurine are the main stones acting on the heart chakra.
  • It is directly linked to the lungs and the heart.
  • To align this chakra, practice a meditation session applying a green stone (like malachite or aventurine).

The 5th chakra, the chakra of the throat or ñ vishuddha.

chakra gorge vishuddha coco papaya

"I express myself "


The fifth of the 7 chakras, is situated at the level of the pharynx. The throat chakra "ñ vishuddha is the energy center of communication with others, listening, and values. It ensures the vitality of the body and develops creativity and the ability to guide others. It affects organs such as the vocal cords, and those in relation with speech and breathing.

A throat chakra harmonized, or, when present in excess, or lack, allows to take consciousness of his life mission, because it allows you to hear your inner voice. The throat chakra allows you to express freely his emotions, his desires, his needs... It is connected to the communication, the creativity, the individuality and abundance. When it is aligned, it becomes easy to express yourself in a clear and honest. You listen with your heart, you are yourself, out loud, combative, zen and sincere. You are independent and open to development higher. For your entourage, you are an inspiration, your speech wise, and enlightened.

If the throat chakra is present in surplus, you use of irony, bad faith and shenanigans to attract attention. Your words are vicious and aggressive, to hide your weaknesses and show a force of imagination. But this behavior hides, in reality, a profound lack of self-confidence.

Conversely, a chakra ñ vishuddha blocked or closed reveals a personality completely erased. You are shy, you feel misunderstood or mocked. So, you don't speak up, or very little. Your words are cold, inaudible and often inconsistent with your actions. You are anxious, perhaps even depressed. You have frequent headaches, throat or neck and are having great difficulties to find sleep.

To harmonize the fifth chakra, we recommend that you use the amazonite. It is a stone joyful and stress. It arouses the spontaneity, the joy of living, and can help you to enjoy serenity of the present moment. It promotes feelings of happiness and tenderness towards others. TheAmazonite balances the throat chakra , like theagate blue, or blue chalcedony, because it is the color which resonates with the ckakra of the throat.

amazonite pierre naturelle chakra gorge coco papaya

In summary :

  • The throat chakra is the energy center of communication with others, listening, and values. It is situated at the level of the Adam's apple (for men), so in the centre of the throat.
  • The throat chakra is linked to creativity and communication. It influences our ability to listen and guide others.
  • A throat chakra is too open, pushes the aggression in the lyrics, and bad faith. This excessive behaviour is used to hide a lack of self-confidence.
  • A throat chakra blocked or closed generates the shyness, the nervousness, the fear of expressing themselves and to be judged.
  • The amazonite, the blue agate or blue chalcedony are the main stones acting on the throat chakra. To align, place one of these stones close to the chakra and practice a meditation session.

The 6th chakra, the chakra of the third eye or Ajna.

chakra frontal chakra troisième oeil coco papaya

"I see "


The sixth of the 7 chakra is located just above the nose, between the eyebrows. The chakra of the third eye, from the sanskrit "Ajna", is the energy center of intelligence, intuition and clarity of mind. It is the seat of knowledge and wisdom. It is home to the foresight, the imagination, and the awakening.

A chakra of the third eye, harmonized, or, when present in excess or in lack, you can direct your life with ease, because it provides the knowledge, analytical ability, intuition and memory. These capabilities help you better control your thoughts and steer them in a direction that is favourable to you. When it is balanced, the chakra of the third eye offers you the wisdom and ability to understand the things with clarity. You will easily find solutions to problems. You no more know the doubt, or the fear of death. You are detached from material goods and have a sense of responsibility.

A chakra of the third eye is overactive, leads to theirrationality. You are certain to be right and nothing can make you change your mind. You are unable to have healthy relationships with others, as you immerse yourself in the mysticism and emotionalism excessive when it comes to spirituality or religion.

Conversely, a chakra of the third eye blocked causes a lack of interest in learning. You do not believe in anything that is not concrete and do not trust your intuition. You like to keep your habits and you attach to material goods. Lacking free will, you follow the other in their ideas and behaviors.

To harmonize the sixth chakra, you can use the sodalite (or lapis lazuli). The sodalite brings stability, self-control and logic. It improves the understanding of the self, but also of others and of all things. Elle stabilizes the emotions and channels the excess of feelings. It reduces fears and encourages communication and creativity. The sodalite harmonizes the chakra of the third eye just like the lapis lazuli.

sodalite pierre naturelle chakra 3ème oeil coco papaya

In summary :

  • The chakra of the third eye is also called chakra. It is located exactly between the eyebrows.
  • Chakra of the command, the chakra Ajna is the source of intuition and inner balance.
  • It governs our capacity of discernment, inspiration, évei spiritual, and meditation. It affects the health of our eyes, our ears and our sinuses.
  • A chakra of the third eye too open causes theirrationality, you believe in all that is mystical and cannot have relationships "normal" with the other.
  • A chakra of the third eyethe blocked drives them to follow the other blindly, without constructing his own beliefs.
  • The sodalite and lapis lazuli are the main stones acting on the chakra of the third eye. Apply one of these stones on the chakra and meditate for twenty minute to harmonize its energies.

The 7th chakra, the crown chakra or Shahasrara.

chakra coronal cocopapaya

"I know "


This last chakra is located at the top of the skull. The crown chakra, "Shahasrara" in sanskrit, is the energy center of spirituality and consciousness. It means altruism, the awareness of the soul and the spiritual connection. It influences the nervous system and the brain.

A crown chakra aligned, or when present in excess, or lack, lets take the more easily consciousness of spiritual truths. You are no longer focused only on yourself, your needs and your fears, but expand the compassion for others. You accept the difficulties, because they allow you to learn more about your "higher self" and evolve. This chakra is rarely balanced by nature : it develops as you work on the other energy centers.

A crown chakra overactive usually causes the feeling of not being in his place. You are completely detached from material goods and carnal pleasures. You seem to be in permanent unbalance, as if you were unable to keep their feet on the ground. In the most severe cases, this can lead to depression, or even schizophrenia.

To the reverse, a crown chakra blocked or closed develops an oversized ego. You suffice for yourself and do not believe in any form of spirituality. Only the material goods have importance in your eyes. In all circumstances, you reject your responsibilities and do not assume any of your acts.

To harmonize the seventh chakra, opt for amethyst. Stone of serenity and well-being, the amethyst is reputed to promote the awakening of consciousness, concentration, meditation and creativity. TheAmethyst aligns with the crown chakra as the moon stone and rock crystal.

améthyste pierre naturelle chakra couronne coronal coco papaya

In summary :

  • The crown chakra is also called the chakra coronal or chakra coronal. It is situated at the top of the skull, at the fontanelle.
  • It is the chakra of pure awareness. He is the epitome of the good relationship with the beyond and the divine being.
  • The crown chakra is also linked to self-knowledge, beliefs, and spirituality.
  • A crown chakra too open gives the feeling of not being to find his place in society.
  • A crown chakra blocked, pushes us to accumulate material goods and to avoid its responsibilities.
  • Amethyst, moonstone and rock crystal are the main stones acting on the crown chakra. Place one of these stones on your spot and practice a sitting meditation for at least 20 minutes to initiate the harmonisation of this chakra.

Where to buy natural stone for the harmonisation of the 7 chakras ?

In Coconut Papaya, we offer a wide range of stones lithotherapie natural.

Make your choice based stones, corresponding to the different chakras or opt for our set of 7 healing stones, 7 chakra.

pack pierres naturelle harmonisation chakras coco papayas

You now have all the cards in their hands to begin the work of harmonization of your chakras. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions in the comments section.