Aventurine stone: virtues and benefits

Do you know aventurine stone? For many centuries now, it has been considered the gem of appeasement. It stands out for its color and its very attractive texture. In addition to this property, this mineral also contains multiple virtues in lithotherapy, highly coveted in many cultures.

You want to wear jewelry composed of aventurine, but want to know its benefits first? This article will inform you about the virtues of this gem as well as its characteristics and peculiarity. He even offers you a small summary of his story.

What is special about aventurine stone?

Before talking about the virtues of aventurine, it is important to know its characteristics and its many specificities. Belonging to the Quartz family and the Oxide group, it has a trigonal rhombohedral crystal system. Its vitreous shine and its esquilating break make it a stone of beauty.

Aventurine owes its color and metallic splinters to its various inclusions. These impurities can be mica, fuchsite or hematite. This stone is most often translucent green, but also exists red, orange or red-brown depending on the inclusions.

This natural gem has been classified as a rare mineral, due to its formation at the level of magmatic rocks. It is normally created in hydrothermal veins or pegmatites. It is possible to find it in alluvium as well as in shales.

What is the origin of its name?

Stones are often named based on their color or characteristics. Here, the name "aventurine" refers to the physical characteristics of the stone and its color. Indeed, it comes from " per aventura " a term in Italian designating "random". This word therefore refers to the random presentation of copper and fuchsite flakes that are found in the stone.

However, behind this name are many stories that date back to the 1700s. Glassmakers in Venice moved to the island of Murano to prevent the risk of accidents and fires in their city. One of them dropped copper shavings into molten glass, accidentally creating a decorative glass that is still the pride of this small island today.

This decorative glass has a very particular iridescent appearance. It is commonly called " aventurine glass " or " per aventurina" in Italian, because it was made by chance; one could even say by mistake! This feature was therefore later used to refer to the name aventurine, due to its resemblance to the decorative glass of Murano. Moreover, it was previously known as dumortierite, especially for blue aventurine.

Other characteristics of this stone

In addition to belonging to the Quartz family, this mineral has several other characteristics of its own.

Its main deposits are mainly in the United States, Russia and India. Its hardness on the Moh scale is 7, which demonstrates its great strength. For its symbolism, this natural stone refers to the frontal Chakra and the Heart Chakra. As for its power, this stone seems to be related to notions such as freedom of spirit, fortune as well as knowledge.

What are the benefits of stone?

Let's start with an anecdote that shows us how much the Aventurine stone has fascinated enthusiasts since the day it was first discovered: did you know that a belief says that by placing it in a flower pot, it encourages the growth of plants and promotes their good health? Are you skeptical? Why not try it at home?!

Let's now look at the benefits of Aventurine on its wearer. Beyond its beauty, It has a large number of virtues thanks to its translucency and color that generate a unique energetic radiation. This gem also contains different meanings, which explains the public's timeless craze for aventurine jewelry.

Now let's look at these benefits in more detail.

The different spiritual and emotional benefits

This fine stone contains many virtues both spiritually and emotionally:

  • Green-colored aventurine encourages confidence and open-mindedness. It would help to eliminate certain psychic barriers in the depths of the mind. By carrying it on you or manipulating it frequently, you will be better able to carry out new adventures, and to think more freely;
  • This crystal also has soothing virtues, because it improves the vibrational frequency of its wearer. Thanks to the feeling of calm it provides, this gem also promotes the energy flow in the body. This could help you take a step back in case of painful events or during a particularly stressful episode of life;
  • Finally, this natural stone encourages decision-making, which is very useful in difficult situations, to make the appropriate choices according to each situation;
  • according to the best specialists in lithotherapy.

These are the main benefits of Aventurine, according to the best specialists in lithotherapy. Note, however, that these can differ significantly depending on the color of the stone. Regarding aventurine, remember that red encourages self-confidence, blue attracts good energies and yellow improves creativity.

What does this stone provide on the physical plane?

Aventurine not only provides emotional benefits, it also offers physical benefits.

It would have healing virtues, especially in the skin. Indeed, this stone seems to encourage the healing of certain dermatological problems. It would also reduce acne in adolescents.

According to some alternative medicine practitioners, aventurine also seems to promote wound healing : with a high silica content, it helps cells to regenerate quickly.

Having this stone on you also seems to be beneficial for the eyes. It reduces eye fatigue, and thus helps soothe headaches, for example.

Green aventurine would encourage the proper functioning of organs such as the stomach. It would help eliminate certain harmful substances present in the body. In addition, it also seems to allow a better stabilization of the body.

A stone linked to different chakras

Aventurine appears to be primarily related to the heart chakra. It is attached to several parts of the body: the thymus, heart, chest, hands and arms. Through this bond, it reinforces the appearance of feelings such as love and promotes more courageous behavior.

The hyperactivity or weakness of this chakra can cause loneliness, selfishness or emotional dependence. The work of the heart chakra with aventurine therefore makes it possible to act on the different points around the love of oneself and others. This stone therefore helps to improve this important aspect of our existence, in all its forms.

Finally, this fine stone is also attached to the frontal chakra, also known as that of the third eye. Thanks to this, it provides inner calm and balances energies. It ensures good regulation of the nervous system.

What are its psychic properties?

According to lithotherapy specialists, aventurine contains exceptional powers. It would act favourably on psychosomatic diseases. This crystal would also have an effective action against depression and discomfort caused by certain situations such as grief.

By absorbing negative emotions in some people, this stone brings tranquility to the mind. It thus helps to regain greater peace of mind.

Aventurine frees the mind, strengthens self-esteem, promotes the pleasure of living and leads to serenity. With its properties, it warns you of certain negative behaviors such as fear or discomfort.

How to recharge aventurine to enjoy these benefits?

As we have just seen, aventurine stone offers real benefits. However, after wearing it for a long time or if it stays out of reach of natural light for too long, it can drain its energy. That is why it is important to regularly purify and recharge it.

To purify this stone, simply "clean" it using incense smoke or non-calcareous water. We use the term clean here because passing it through incense smoke, or under a trickle of clear water, literally rids it of the parasitic energies it has stored when it has been worn or handled.

To recharge its intrinsic energies, it is enough to expose it for a few hours to the light of the moon or the sun. This recharge can also be done by placing the aventurine on a cluster of rock crystal (which will purify it at the same time!)

A bit of history...

If you like to wear accessories made of aventurine, then you will certainly be interested in its history. Its use dates back to prehistoric times, and was then devoted to the manufacture of weapons and tools.

More than 5,000 years ago, the Chinese gave it the name "Yu imperial stone", associated with perseverance and determination. Thanks to her virtues, she was also connected to the goddess of love and pity, the goddess Guanyin Pusa.

For more than 2,000 years, it was also used by the Incas who gave it the power to attract wealth. For this reason, several sculptures containing this fine stone have been discovered in ancient Inca sacred places. Aventurine was also dear to ancient Tibetans who used it to treat fatigue and vision problems. They even used it to design the eyes of their traditional statues, so that they had a look of superhuman scope!

Aventurine in the form of decorative stones

Aventurine is definitely a must in the field of jewelry, whether bracelets, necklaces, earrings or even rings. But it is also very popular when it comes in the form of decorative stone objects.

It is ideal for starting a collection of lithotherapy stones because of its affordable price. At Coco Papaya you will find it in the form of rolled stones that are ideal for the practice of lithotherapy, or more simply as decorative objects. You will also sometimes find it (depending on the arrivals), among our crystals and minerals collection.

You now have the essential information about aventurine. Find it now in our wide range of lithotherapy jewelry : bracelets, necklaces, earrings ...

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