Are you or a loved one expecting a baby? Read on to discover the Bolas de pregnancy: the essential accessory for the well-being of mother and baby.

What is a bola?

The bola is a pendant suspended with a very long cord or a very long chain, and which rests on the belly of the pregnant woman. It contains a small ball, called a "ball", which emits a soft sound to the rhythm of the movements of the future mother. This little music sounds like the sound of a little bell or xylophone. It helps to soothe baby and reassure him.

Small point of history.
The bola is a pregnancy jewel of Indonesian origin and more precisely from Bali, it was made in very small workshops, sometimes located in the countryside and calling on the talents of local craftsmen. Traditionally called "bulan bola" in Indonesian terms, it is also nicknamed "elf sound" or "angel sound"  in other countries, probably to attract good spirits and scare away bad ones. It was designed with the primary purpose of bringing luck to the baby and his mother.

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Why wear a pregnancy bola?

The bola is a unique ethnic jewel in a lifetime, connecting a mother to her baby, it is a memory of pregnancy and the birth of baby.

It calms and soothes baby.

As you move, the jewel produces a slight sound thanks to the harmony ball at its heart. This sound is heard by baby in mom's womb and little by little, he gets used to this noise that soothes and reassures him. Once delivered, baby recognizes this ringing that reminds him of his mother's sweetness and it helps him to calm down, soothe and feel safe even after the birth is over. 

From the first days of your baby, it is customary to continue to wear the bola, hang it on the bed or stroller, or sew it in his blanket so that the sound accompanies him throughout his day.

Caution: Make sure that it is well enclosed in the blanket, because the bola is not a toy and should not be left to the baby unattended.

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The pregnancy bola highlights the mother-to-be.

On the mother's side, it is a very fashionable jewel. It may seem difficult to be both stylish and pregnant, but a bola is a trendy fashion accessory that will highlight your rounded belly and maternity outfits. Perfect to stay "Fashion" during your nine months of pregnancy!

Did you know...
Some women buy and wear a bola, even though they are not pregnant. The pendant or necklace bola has become a fashionable jewel.

A jewel that will become precious.

Unlike your pregnancy clothes that will certainly end up in a box at the bottom of your attic. The bola, is a unique jewel, Bearer of history, that of the memory of your pregnancy and the first months spent with baby. Handed over from mothers to daughters and from generation to generation, becoming a precious family jewel. He can also accompany you, as a jumper, if you want to continue wearing it, shortening the chain a little.

Why offer a bola?

One of your relatives told you that she was pregnant and you would like to congratulate her? Giving a bola is undoubtedly the best gift you can give him.

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For its originality.

Do not waste your time trying to find an original gift to end up buying a bouquet of flowers or a blanket. The Bola is perfect to stand out to the mother-to-be who will not expect a gift like this. Still not very common, you might even be the only person to offer a Bola. If the mother-to-be is surprised by this gift, you can surprise her by explaining the meaning and origins of the pregnancy bola.


For its benefits.

As seen earlier, the Bola will have a positive effect on the well-being of the baby who will feel safe by hearing the small sound emitted by the bell of the pendant. The bola is an elegant gift, but also a bearer of benefits!


For his style.

Do not miss choices at Coco Papaya which offers many different models of bolas to find on the shop. What to opt for the one that will best suit the personality and tastes of the future mother. It is in particular a very trendy fashion accessory, which will please fashionistas.


Because it is an unforgettable gift.

A perfect gift for a friend, a family member or your spouse, it can become a very sentimental object, the most beautiful memory of her motherhood, she will remember that it was you who gave her, and will be grateful to you. It is a real mark of affection, to symbolize your enthusiasm for the arrival of this child.

Future dads like to give a pregnancy bola: the very first maternity gift to show their partners that they are happy with this news.

Which one to choose?

There are so many different models that it is difficult to determine which one would be the most suitable. So Coco Papaya has concocted a small selection of Bolas to find on the shop in the category "Pregnancy jewelry" where you will also discover other pregnancy jewelry in natural stones. Now, all that remains is to choose the one that will accompany the mother in her 9 months of pregnancy!



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