What is chic ethnic decoration?

It is a mixed decoration, which invites you to travel. It combines authentic objects gleaned during journeys and furniture hunted in a reclaimed spirit. From furnishings to small decorations to walls and floors, we invite you to discover the ethnic chic style!

Constantly renewed and reinvented, chic ethnic decoration crosses fashions and eras without ever touching the obsolescence... Its radiant colors and unusual objects, drawn from all over the world, allow to create an atmosphere that is both relaxed and sophisticated. We promise you a place where comfort, softness and authenticity dominate.

From Africa to Asia to South America, warm colours, natural materials and ancient objects inspire us... Let's decipher together the codes of the chic ethnic style.

The codes of chic ethnic style

Sober and timeless colours

If you opt for a Scandinavian style, choose colors like beige, off-white, brown, khaki... These tones are highlighted in a room with beautiful natural light, and therefore has wide openings on the outside (large windows, windows...)

Warm and impactful colours

For an oriental or Indian-inspired décor, the watchword is colour! We dare everything! Red, orange, yellow... Choose a strong hue and turn down decorative objects around its shades!

Noble and natural materials

Let's take a closer look at these natural materials that are coming back in force to the spotlight.

Fall for vegetable fibermaterials, they bring softness and elegance to your home. Natural rope, sea rush, abaca, bamboo, or even braided rattan ... There's something for everyone!

Weaving and craftingis the big trend of the moment! Interior decorators and architects are tearing it apart for its authentic and natural side.

The abaca brings character and originality to your interior decoration. It will appeal as much in an ethnic chic atmosphere as in a loft with a cosmopolitan spirit.

The painstakingly hand-woven bamboo can be adorned with natural curly shells.

Choose your ethnicity

The chic ethnic style is inspired by different ethnic groups from all over the world. It brings together different styles that each tell a different story. Eastern, African, Asian or Native American decoration, to each his own style!

Colorful patterns and prints

The goal is to make you travel from your home thanks to traditional motifs derived from authentic and ancestral crafts. Rounded, geometric or symmetrical shapes... thinking of wax prints, Turkish kilims, Indian or Berber ethnic motifs. Discover and immerse yourself in the cultures around you!

Authentic objects from elsewhere

Easily incorporate travel items with stamps into your living space. This brings an authentic and original touch to your home. These are pieces with a soul that tell a story! Choose handcrafted creations made from natural materials for an authentic décor, which tells us a beautiful story...

Among our essentials of ethnic chic decoration, you will find, among others: handmade lighting (lamps, chandeliers and appliques); a wide rangeof wall decoration objects such as patères, tribal masks, mirrors or drapes; an irresistible selection of art and table decorations (table sets, teak trays...), not to mention our authentic Asian Buddhas (to bring the little Zen touch!)

and a touch of plants!

A quick tour at the local nursery or at your horticulturist's is a must! To finalize your chic ethnic decoration orient yourself towards ferns, such as the famous monstera deliciosa, or even cacti, and why not a plan of aloe vera ... This vegetable touch makes all the difference!

The basics are laid, we can now walk from room to room to offer you a chic ethnic decoration both exotic and refined.

Focus on the room

At the bottom of your cozy bed, let yourself be lulled by a dim light. We offer an atmosphere conducive to well-being and relaxation. To do this, decorate your relaxation area with a handmade fancy mirror, bet on an imposing wall trophy that will represent the flagship room of your room. To complete the charm of this place, add some handcrafted decorative elements such as an offering box decorated with shells that you can divert in a storage box or a beautiful door rings to store your jewelry. Finally, animal statues also have their place! To vary, bet on an object to lay, here we chose a crystal lamp todiffuse a very soft light, to create a warm and soothing atmosphere!

Focus on the living room

Let's stay sober and elegant, for that nothing too complicated! The main focus is on characterful furniture, namely a leather sofa, wooden furniture and a few touches of metal to give this chic urban side. Add authentic objects like hand-woven wall baskets of different colours to this living room. You know our passion for decorating the world... We suggest you integrate one of our beautiful handmade African masksinto your space. Ethnic chic decoration also involves theart of the table. Take advantage of tea time to serve your guests a hot drink with an elegant mandala teapot.

Focus on the bathroom

Decoration is not enough on its own. It is the imposed atmosphere that sets the tone. The importance of a place's olfactory atmosphere is often underestimated. However, when one enters a room, it is often the perfume that reigns there that participates most in the famous "first impression". Relax in your bathroom with sweet exotic scents! In order to give this space the chic ethnic touch it lacked, we have added a hand-woven basket. Forget the basic, unicolored laundry basket, think about collecting your laundry in this beautiful homemade basket! Hard to prepare in a bathroom without a mirror, again we thought of the decorative object that will brighten up your room. This is a round mirror made of driftwood. Now make yourself sink a nice hot bath and admire the décor that is available to you!

Focus on the outside

The good days are coming! It's time to prepare your exterior! A little wilder, here we favor the installation of large green plants deposited in a beautiful colorful ethnic pothole. This green space will allow us to showcase our handcrafted products straight from Bali! Imagine yourself comfortably seated on your terrace on a summer evening... Let yourself be carried away by the gentle tinkling of the chime, which is caused by a light breeze. Decorate your space with ethnically charming decorative objects like this gorgeous fancy XXL tiki totem or a more discreet style like this painted wooden pelican.

The final touch

After going around some of the house's flagships, we invite you to go further in the ethnic chic theme. As previously explained, the olfactory atmosphere of a room takes precedence. No one is a fan of bad fumes, musty or even the smells of the neighbor's kitchen... Some scents fit perfectly into the chic ethnic theme. Burning incense, lighting a candle or installing a perfume diffuser, to make your living space a place dedicated to relaxation and travel.

The importance is to create a pleasant, stimulating olfactory atmosphere that is in symbiosis with the place where it is broadcast.

Don't forget that the decoration is unique to everyone's tastes. The goal is to feel at home and get out of the routine when you get home.

Neither too much nor enough, the only rule to follow is the harmony of shapes and colors.

Nothing in the world equals the pleasure of being at home.

It's up to you now!