Are you moving soon and planning to give your new home a nice touch of decoration?

This is good: fitting out your new home is quite within your reach and you just need to know the right tips to get there. If you do not know how to successfully furnish your new home, you are reading the right article.

Here are some tips for arranging your new home properly.


Arranging your new home: what are the preparations?

To develop a home, the first step is to take the steps related to energy. No one wants to move into a new home in the dark or without domestic gas. You must therefore absolutely adjust this point before proceeding to the next step. Here are two essential steps:

Carry out the move with Engie, EDF or an alternative supplier

Whether you subscribe to Engie, EDF or Total Direct Énergie, you can easily organize your move. As indicated on this site , moving with Engie or another supplier requires some important administrative procedures. Indeed, you must:

  • Cancel your contract in your old accommodation;

  • Subscribe to a new Engie offer or from another supplier of your choice.

These steps must be started at least 15 days before the move in order to be able to hope to have energy in the new accommodation upon arrival. To subscribe to the right offer, it is important to opt for an energy comparator.

Find the best gas subscription price using a comparator

The price of the gas subscription varies from one supplier to another. So, if you want to have the best gas subscription price, the solution is to opt for a comparator.

Indeed, the comparator allows you to have a global idea of all the gas offers available in the locality and to choose with ease.

Once the energy procedures are complete, you can get down to decorating your new home.

Our advice for successfully decorating your new home!

Successfully decorating your home is not as complicated as it seems: you first have to decide on a common thread.

For example, you can opt for a decoration that will allow you to enjoy more comfort at home, or rather for an eco-responsible decoration. It's up to you !

How to decorate to have more comfort in your home?

For more comfort at home, special attention should be paid:

  • Choice and arrangement of furniture and electrical appliances;

  • Choice of painting parts.

Indeed, it is important to select furniture and appliances that do not take up all the space in your home.

Comfort implies being able to move around freely at home. The furniture should therefore be arranged so that there is enough space for you. Also set the paintings of the rooms according to your taste. If you want a room to be well-lit, opt for light colors instead. Light natural colors (beige, linen, pebble gray ...) are very popular, as evidenced by the decoration trend "Bohème Chic"!

Eco-responsible decoration: how to achieve it?

If you are concerned about the environment, an eco-responsible decoration is essential.

To achieve this, nothing should be left to chance. For example, you must ensure the material that makes up your furniture. So opting for recycled furniture and other items wouldn't be a bad idea.

You should also turn to less power-hungry devices to save power.

Finally, to polish up the decoration, preferably choose objects in natural, durable and non-polluting materials, such as those offered by your Coco Papaya store for example!

This page brings you interesting information on new decorating trends that respect the environment. But the Coco Papaya crew would especially like to give you a piece of advice that is worth a hundred, a guideline: we recommend that you carefully avoid low-quality industrial products, which very quickly go out of fashion, and favor objects from crafts. much more authentic and qualitative ... You know: these timeless objects, which many years after you have bought them, still amaze your guests! These same objects which can be kept for a lifetime, then passed on to the next generation, without ever touching the obsolescence ... This is the best way to avoid overconsumption of "disposable" decorative objects which would be harmful to the environment. 'environment.

You will understand: the planet and nature are the winners when you choose a sustainable and eco-responsible decoration. But your wallet too!