Activity made popular by bloggers , green, fashion, DIY, and the trend towards "Slow Cosmétique", to manufacture its beauty products oneself has hidden benefits...

In this time where greenwashing has become the norm, we cannot disentangle the true from the false. Our confidence in the cosmetics manufacturers is at its lowest. Design its own health care thus seems to be the ideal solution to ensure products are actually healthy, effective and responsive.

We have listed for you 10 excellent reasons to make your own beauty treatments, either to protect your health, for savings, or to avoid waste... We are almost sure that at the end of reading this article, you will become a follower of the "home-made".


Take care of her health


The main reason to be interested in the manufacture of a care home is usually the desire to use natural products that take care of our skin, without damaging our health.

At a time when there are questions about the potential dangers of ingredients common in the products of cosmetic industry such as some preservatives (parabens or phenoxyethanol, for example), make her cosmetics house allows you to keep the hand on the composition of the products.

It is thus guaranteed to avoid the harmful ingredients that are potentially allergenic, and the infamous endocrine-disrupting chemicals. We know in advance the composition of its care and it is much more reassuring !




Contrary to what one might believe, manufacture its own cosmetics is not very expensive. Of course, it will be necessary to invest a little in the base material (bowls, whisks, test tubes, scales, pots...), but they will be very quickly recouped.

The ingredients of a cosmetic house will usually maintain quite a long time and can be used in several different recipes. The more we barter our industrial products as against natural products, the more you amortize the purchase of the utensils and the more one saves.

A lot of people even make their own cosmetics home without investing a penny, recovering the containers of cosmetic products purchased in the trade in which the content has been used, and using kitchen utensils (that may very well be the case !).

creme recette cosmetique maison

The pride of the hand


This may seem a little complicated at first to make his own care, and this is understandable ! After all, we are not all experts in the field.

In reality, it is fairly simple. Nowadays, there are a multitude of recipes for cosmetics house on the Internet, there are even support groups and sharing, where we can ask questions.

As, we learn, we improve and we become able to invent and test your own recipes !

What could be more rewarding than using products that are efficient, that one has realized oneself ?

The effectiveness of tailored


I am unique, my products also.

Because we are all different and unique, because no one can know us better than ourselves : have I been doing her own care, tailored to the needs of my skin and my hair, care perfect are !

I select the ingredients, the benefits of which are relevant for the use that I want to do with it. I get so guaranteed to have a unique product, which responds specifically to my needs.

For even more efficiency, I can replace the tap water with a floral water or an infusion to take advantage of the benefits of plants. I selected ingredients, preferably organic, more healthy and rich in natural assets.


Respect for the environment


This new mode of consumption, often called "Slow Cosmetics" also presents the advantage to be ethical and responsible.

In our home recipes, no product of animal origin. Véganes or not, we respect animals, our friends and their do not test our creations.

The environment, too, will not be disturbed by our manufacturing : which is right for oneself, is good for nature. In addition, the manufacture of cosmetics home drastically reduces the consumption of plastic and packaging of all kinds, and that is a true gesture of nature.


ingredients recette cosmétiques maison

Reduce its waste and its consumption


We just talk about it, create its own cosmetics is to reduce the overpack and the plastic. To reduce pollution, we choose glass containers instead, or re-used old jars. This solution can significantly reduce waste, and as a bonus, it is a good way to make some savings !

Some trade products (available in Coconut Papaya) as the shampoo is solid, the bombs, bath or soaps, for example, need not be packed : what are the cosmetics zero waste, which are an excellent alternative to products that are more difficult to manufacture at home.

Moreover, the solid products have a shelf life, usually 3 times longer than liquid products. It uses less, so it consumes less power. Note for later !

This is a good initiative to refocus on the essential, to adopt a mode of life more healthy and minimalist.


Avoid waste


Did you know that your cosmetics have expiry dates ?

Rarely more than 12 months, usually around 6 months and sometimes even less when they are more natural and do not contain preservatives harmful. Once this date has passed, we can throw away our products, or choose to use even a little bit, at the risk that they have lost in effectiveness.

Yes but, in making itself, it manages the quantity ! Then we produce only what we need, and we keep the rest of the ingredients for another recipe.

This is THE solution to anti-waste !


Take time for yourself


A bit like doing the kitchen, preparing recipes of care can be a true moment of relaxation, away from the daily pressure.

We play on the apprentice witch, we relax, and we test all of our new products darling who will take care of our bodies and to boost our well-being.

Even if you spend your life running, try it, if only once, take the time to test a few easy recipes. Small joys, simple guaranteed !


amis copines recettes cosmetiques maison fabriquer

Discover and share an enjoyable activity


Next Saturday, you have a date with your girlfriends. You like to spend time with them, but you would like your reunion will be other than around a hot drink ?

It is time to put your new know-how at the service of others ! Invite to a workshop for the manufacture of cosmetics, home and try your new favorite activity. This should seduce more than one, and will allow you to review your friends by doing something fun and useful, that change of old habits.

A fun activity that we can also share with his family, his friends and even his children (under supervision, of course !). We go out of our routine and we savor a moment of complicity with his loved ones.


Offer an original gift


What could be more unique than something that you can achieve yourself ?

For a birthday, thank-yous, or just for pleasure, offering home-made products is a attention will be always highly appreciated.

The person who will receive this present will be touched to know that you have spent the time to make something specially for her.

Then ? Do you feel ready now ? What will be your first creation ? A moisturizer, a massage oil or a hair mask ? Explore our selection ofingredients for natural cosmetic and start blogging !

An idea for a recipe unique ? A tip for our readers ? Please do not hesitate to share your comments below.



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