The properties of Argan oil are many in the field of skin care and hair. Natural ingredient more and more used in the formulation of beauty care, it can also be used pure. But why has Argan oil become an essential cosmetic product for hair, skin and nails? How to use it ? Where does it come from and what are the benefits of this so-called "miraculous" oil by dermatologists? Let's see this in detail.

Where does argan oil come from and how is it made?

Long remained the beauty secret of Moroccan women, argan oil is now almost familiar. It is extracted from the fruit stones of the argan tree, a tree endemic to southwestern Morocco. It is the first cold pressing of these stones, called almonds, which gives this precious vegetable oil.

Traditionally used by the Berbers to protect their skin from external aggression, including the desert wind, it is now used in the composition of many natural beauty treatments, where it fully expresses its exceptional properties.

The 5 exceptional properties of argan oil.

    Argan oil is an excellent anti-aging care.

Exceptionally rich in antioxidants, argan oil effectively combats the signs of aging. Used on the face or on the rest of the body, it offers a better elasticity and suppleness to the skin, while moisturizing it intensely.

How to use it in anti-aging care? Before applying argan oil, Coco Papaya recommends spraying a little orange blossom water or rose hydrolate on the face. Once moistened, apply 3 to 4 drops of argan oil by gentle pressure movements, then by circular motions, always from the bottom to the top of the face.

Tip: If your skin is a little shiny after application, extend the circular movements. Argan oil must be completely absorbed by your skin. Then, dab your face with a konjac sponge slightly moistened to dissolve the greasy film.

For the body, it is recommended to first perform a body scrub to remove all dead skin and impurities. Then spray a little water with rose or orange blossom. Then, on the still wet body, apply the argan oil in massage. For a complete moisturizing treatment, finish by applying a cream or body lotion.

    Healing virtues for the face.

The fatty acids and vitamins contained in argan oil make it a perfect healing and repairing care. Used in case of dry skin, chapped skin, stretch marks or eczema, it is particularly recommended for future moms, and for acne-prone skin.

How to use it in repair care? Pregnant women will apply argan oil on the belly, upper thighs and breasts to prevent stretch marks. While people with sensitive skin or acne problems, apply the oil locally, morning and evening, on clean, dry skin.

    Deeply nourished skin.

For dry skin, it is the most suitable vegetable oil! Remember to use it in winter, the time of year when, because of the cold, our skin and our lips are drier than usual.

How to use argan oil as a moisturizer? It is recommended to incorporate a few drops of argan oil in your moisturizing day cream but also in your night cream and in your body milk. In winter, apply it every night on the lips to avoid cracks. You can also use argan oil on the feet and hands to moisturize and restore their softness and suppleness.

    The benefits of argan oil on hair and nails.

Would you like to find soft, supple and silky hair? Do you dream of having long nails that do not break at the slightest manipulation? Forget the care containing chemical ingredients, toxic for our hair and for the planet. The only ingredient we need for the beauty of our lengths and nails is argan oil. This vegetable oil will nourish and repair the tips and cuticles dramatically! Your hair and nails will be stronger and durably protected from external aggressions.

The small +: If you just make a color, this oil helps to last are shine much longer!

How to use argan oil fortifying care? For nails, the oil is applied directly in massage, you will be surprised by the speed with which our nails absorb it! For the hair, for the sake of economy, we can incorporate a few drops in the daily shampoo. If you have a good amount of argan oil, apply it as a hair oil for a whole night. The next morning, you will be delighted by the beauty of your hair, guaranteed!

    The therapeutic properties of argan oil.

Sometimes called "green gold", argan oil also has unsuspected therapeutic virtues. Applied pure, in incorporation with a cream, or as an ingredient for the preparation of a natural massage oil, it relaxes the muscles and soothes the pains.

How to use argan oil as a relaxing treatment? Apply pure or incorporated to a massage oil, all over the body. Practice a sufficiently toned massage to promote relaxation and stimulate blood flow. Linger on the painful areas. Do not hesitate to ask for help for hard-to-reach areas, such as the upper back, for example.

Recipe idea of ​​homemade massage oil based on organic argan oil:

In a clean container dedicated to homemade care, mix 10ml of organic argan oil, 10ml of sweet almond oil, 50ml of jojoba (or avocado) oil, 30ml of coconut (or sunflower) and 20 drops of essential oil of lavender (or eucalyptus). Relaxing and revitalizing massage with this simple but terribly effective recipe!

    How to choose your argan oil?

It is not difficult to find argan oil on the Internet, in cosmetics stores or even on the market. On the other hand, they are not all of very good quality and counterfeits abound! So to make the right choice, pay attention to several criteria:

    The composition of the product is obviously the first criterion to take into account when choosing a vegetable oil. It is important that it is an oil from first cold pressing, 100% pure and organic guarantee. It is not uncommon to see Moroccan argan oil mixed with another, often sunflower oil, to reduce the cost of manufacturing. But it will not be equal quality to pure argan oil. Require that the precise composition be printed on the packaging.

    Be careful to choose a cosmetic and non-food oil. The difference is how to exploit the argan tree kernels. For a cosmetic oil, they are cold pressed. While to obtain a food oil, they are roasted before being pressed.

    Certifications (AB, USDA Organic, Ecocert Greenlife) are certainly the best criteria to easily determine if it is a quality argan oil. Certified productions are regularly checked, which is a guarantee of satisfaction.

 You now have all the cards in hand to choose the best Moroccan organic argan oil for your natural beauty treatments.

Tell us in comment what is the main use you make of argan oil, and how it has revolutionized your natural skincare routine!

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