Today, the distance bracelet, also known as the couple bracelet, is becoming popular in many countries.

More than just an accessory, this jewel becomes trendy and allows you to keep the connection with your soul mate despite the distance that separates us. Each person in the couple wears one to feel that the other is by their side.

Offered in the form of a duo of bracelets with complementary aspects, distance bracelets can be designed in different materials such as fabric, leather or sometimes more precious materials such as gold, silver or fine stones.

These bracelets are inseparable like the couple they symbolically represent ! The most sought-after models currently are those made of fine stones. They can be made up of different types of gems with multiple virtues. But what is really the meaning of these accessories and why wear them?

Distance bracelets: what are they?

When a couple's partners live far from each other, the distance can be difficult to bear on a daily basis.

To fill the void caused by the absence of the other, the first thing to do is to use phone or video calls, and of course social networks.

But another effective solution is to wear couple bracelets. Every time he puts it on his wrist, looks at it or touches it, its wearer feels a connection with his partner who wears the second bracelet of the duo.

It can therefore be said that distance bracelets serve, in a way, to provide a material form for the spiritual relations between two intimately linked people. This is why they are also known as "connected bracelets", "bracelets for remote couples", "long-distance bracelets" or "duo bracelets".

They symbolize a strong, lasting and sincere relationship. By wearing a distance bracelet, you keep in touch with your skin a symbolic representation of the loved one. Moreover, behind these distance bracelets, hides a pure and sincere message. They contain the intensity of love and attachment between the two people who carry them and multiply positive thoughts throughout the day.

Un couple connecté par la pensée grâce aux bracelets de distance

Are they exclusively for couples?

Are distance bracelets only for couples? Certainly, they have been thought and designed for couples. But as a result of the success they encounter, more and more people are using them for reasons other than maintaining a long-distance romantic relationship.

We now often see distance bracelets on the wrists of people from the same family or even friends. For example, it is very common to see a mother and daughter, or even a teenager and her best friend, wearing connected bracelets to reinforce their mutual affection and attachment.

Because this is the real role of these accessories: to strengthen the emotional bond between people. It sometimes happens to see these two bracelets on the wrist of one and the same person. By this gesture, she wants to show that she is looking for her half!

What does this jewelry duo look like?

Generally, couple bracelets are sold in pairs, and are intended to be worn by two strongly connected people. For a better connection, it is advisable to share a duo of connected bracelets only with a person who is special and dear to you.

To symbolize the connection between the two people, distance bracelets have complementary appearances and seem to complement each other. Here is an example of very popular distance bracelets:

  • The first bracelet consists of many black pearls and a single white "orphan" pearl prominently in the middle of the wrist.
  • The second bracelet is the exact opposite: it consists of several white pearls and a single black "orphan" pearl clearly visible.
  • Each "orphan" pearl is a symbolic representation of the person wearing the other bracelet of the duo.

Stone distance bracelets and their meaning

Among all the existing distance bracelets, those made of natural stones stand out for their aesthetics, but also for their innate magnetism. Indeed stones are known for the energy they harbor that contributes to well-being and spiritual harmony.

The different models offered mainly play the card of color contrast to highlight the complementarity of the two bracelets. Black and white is a great success and combines stones such as white howlite and onyx, or lava stone. The aesthetic is very successful, and evokes the famous symbol "Yin & Yang". The energies of the stones strengthen the protection against negative feelings, intensify the relationship and complementarity between the two people.

There are also duos of bracelets composed of black agate and rose quartz. The black agate-dominant bracelet, for men, symbolizes virility and fertility. Rose quartz, for women, represents softness and harmony.

There are still other stones in the composition of "long distance" bracelets. These include:

  • tiger's eye, which provides spiritual protection against the evil eye and ill-intentioned people.
  • rock crystal, which amplifies positive feelings and emotions,
  • labradorite, which protects the couple from temptation and soothes the relationship.
  • or hematite which protects and strengthens the bond between the two carriers.

Each stone has its virtues! This can therefore be an interesting criterion when choosing your distance bracelets.

How to choose distance bracelets?

Do you want to find the right distance bracelets for you and the person to whom you are going to offer the second bracelet? As there are many models, it may not be easy to make this choice. So here are some tips that will certainly be useful to you:

  • When choosing, think about yourself and the person who will wear the other bracelet. Focus on your particularities and what solidifies your relationship.
  • If you opt for fine stone bracelets, remember that crystals and minerals all have different virtues. So it's up to you to choose the ones that will be most useful to your relationship.
  • You can also make colors a main criterion of choice: in this case, choose colors that represent you and suit you well: you and the person who will wear the other bracelet.
  • Do you miss inspiration? Why not bet on strong spiritual symbols that unite you? There are also distance bracelets adorned with symbols such as the head of Buddha, or the sign "Om".
  • And above all, do not forget to check that the bracelets are adapted to the size of your wrist and that of the other person!

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Long live love!


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