Trouvez le cadeau idéal pour la fête des mères 2021 !

Before we get to the heart of the matter and find out what are the trendiest gift ideas of 2021, let's see when Mother's Day will take place in this year 2021, but also why we should all consider this day as one of the most important of the year.

To immediately discover our selection of more than 50 Mother's Day gift ideas for all budgets, go directly to the end of the article.

What day will we celebrate Mother's Day in 2021?

This year, we will celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, May 30, 2021,in France.

In Belgium, Switzerland, or Quebec, it will be Sunday, May 9, 2021.

30 mai 2021 le jour de la fête des mères

Why should we celebrate Mother's Day every year, and especially remember to give a gift to her mom?

Whatever our age, Mother's Day is a unique opportunity to enjoy a special moment with her mom. It is a day to mark with a cross in the calendar so as not to forget to say "I love you" to the most important woman on Earth: the one who gave birth to us!

It is a fact: our mother is not eternal. We should enjoy every moment spent with him because the mother-child relationship is really special. It is certainly the most powerful form of love that exists on earth: intense, unconditional, and perpetual love. That's why we believe that Mother's Day should be considered a top priority and celebrated every year, without fail, by anyone who is lucky enough to still have their mother alive.

Bonne fête maman !

Unfortunately, some people are in conflict with their mothers. Or sometimes, family ties have dissipated and the mother-child relationship becomes piecemeal: one or two phone calls a year, at most. These situations are really unfortunate given the importance of this special relationship that is between a child and his mother, even when the child has become an adult. Mother's Day can then be seen as an opportunity to strengthen this bond to make up for some of the lost time, and to make a fresh start. Be convinced: the flame of the mother-child relationship can always be rekindled, even when it seems permanently extinguished. The only condition is to want it and to decide it.

If you've read this article so far, it's probably because you want to celebrate your mom on the next Mother's Day! But perhaps you are looking for inspiration to find the perfect gift for your mom? The Coco Papaya crew has met, searched, thought, searched again, and prepared a list of gift ideas for Mother's Day 2021 to be etched in your memories!

To immediately discover our selection of more than 50 Mother's Day gift ideas for all budgets, go directly to the end of the article.

3 theme gift ideas for Mother's Day 2021

Every mom is unique, and every child is unique! That is why there is no one-of-a-right idea for Mother's Day.

A well-chosen Mother's Day gift should take into account the tastes and personality of the mother to be spoiled, but also those of the child who offers her. So we decided to categorize our Mother's Day gift ideas into three main themes:

  • Free Mother's Day gifts, so that everyone, no matter what their means,

to give a gift to her beloved mother on this highly symbolic day.

Mother's Day "Wellness" gifts because, health crisis obliges, our mothers need more than ever serenity and zenitude.

Mother's Day gifts "Committed to a Better World" for climate-conscious mothers, responsible consumers and activists, who will only accept a gift if it has been made with the utmost respect for nature and people.

Choose the theme that brings you and your mom together. The one who best synthesizes your two personalities. Then, discover the gift suggestions we offer for this specific theme.

To begin with, let's agree on this: a Mother's Day gift should never be prevented by money problems! So we'll start by offering you totally free gift ideas!

To immediately discover our selection of more than 50 Mother's Day gift ideas for all budgets, go directly to the end of the article.

Free Mother's Day gifts

Every year, millions of children tear tears from their mother by giving her a gift that cost zero euro. This may surprise you, but we guarantee that even a child who has become an adult can achieve this feat! Here are our suggestions:

  • A poem written by your hand for the occasion and deposited in his mailbox the day before D-Day. She will read it on the day of her birthday, which will give her a special emotion!
  • A song recorded with your smartphone and then sent to its Whatsapp.
  • A bouquet of wild flowers picked from the wild.
  • A handmade gift with salvaged materials and a photo of you and your mom. Some examples found on the web: a bookmark, a pencil jar, a wall keyring, a jumble, a souvenir box, a calendar, a magnet, a reusable shopping bag... You'll easily find many tutorials to make yourself a custom item without spending a penny!
  • A walk, as in "the good old days": go by surprise to your mom's on Mother's Day, then offer to go out together to walk around and chat. Although very simple, these moments of sharing are often the most intense.
  • A book you've read, loved and had at home. It wouldn't be surprising if your mom really appreciates you sharing your readings with her...
  • A meal delivered at home: cook at home with the ingredients available, then suggest to your mom to share this meal together at her home. Think of dessert! Why don't you make him a delicious yogurt cake?

You've understood: free gifts have nothing to envy their paying counterparts because they are based on the beauty of the time spent together. But if your budget allows, maybe you'll want to give your mom more and find something she'll keep with her in memory of that memorable day?

Offering an object that improves comfort of life is one of the major trends of 2021, which has been marked by the coronavirus pandemic and its lot of annoyances. To follow: Coco Papaya's suggestions on this topic.

"Well-being" Mother's Day gifts

The beginning of 2021 is a difficult year for all of us because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the accompanying health restrictions. We are deprived of many pleasures that we enjoy as much as going to restaurants or movies, entertaining friends or family, playing sports indoors, etc.

That's why the Coco Papaya team believes that the wellness gift will be the trendiest gift for Mother's Day 2021.

Here are some gift ideas that your mom will appreciate for sure as they will allow her to enjoy moments of relaxation and calm.

An aromatic bath oil

It is a fragrant vegetable oil that is poured into the water of a hot bath to enjoya doubly beneficial aromatic bath: 1) the skin is hydrated and regains more flexibility, and 2) the natural scents that emanate from the bath make us live a true olfactory journey very invigorating!

huile de bain

A care box from the Hammam

Anyone who is lucky enough to have already visited a hammam knows this: the care of the hammam provides an intense well-being on both the body and the head! Every time it works: we come out of the hammam rejuvenated and invigorated. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the hammams are all closed due to health restrictions. So why not give your mom a gift box that will allow her to enjoy all the benefits of the hammam at home?

Soins du Hammam

An essential oil applicator

Also called Roll-On, the essential oil applicator is a great way to learnaromatherapy because they are very easy to use, even for a novice. Simply choose a blend of essential oils that suit your need, apply it to the skin on the inside of your wrists or in the hollow of your elbows, and breathe the fragrance when the need arises during the day. An effective tip to combat stress, fatigue or insomnia problems, for example.

Huiles essentielles

A jewel of Lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is one of the major wellness trends of the decade. It is based on the belief that crystals and minerals diffuse a magnetism that influences our psyche and can help us feel better every day. The jewelry of lithotherapy allows you to always have a crystal or stone close to you whose energy is beneficial to us.

Bijou de Lithothérapie

A singing bowl from Tibet

Often misunderstood in the West, the singing bowl has been used for hundreds of years by Tibetan Buddhist monks during their prayer and meditation sessions. Its use is accessible to all, even if it requires a little training at first. It has been shown that the singing of the Tibetan bowl diffuses waves that promote psychic appeasement and meditative state. Ideal for a disconnected break, away from all the hassles of the world!

Bol chantant Tibétain

A quality atmosphere fragrance, to travel far... even when you're at home!

Did you know that the smells around us have a real influence on our state of mind? It's proven! Just as a hot crescent smell can whet our appetite when we get out of bed, a delicate scent of citrus or flowers can help us feel better, almost instantly. Choose for your mom a scent she likes and give it the form of a decorative interior fragrance, such as a scented candle, or a rattan stem diffuser. She will enjoy a pleasant perfume at home, and at the same time a new decorative object!

Diffuseur de parfum d'ambiance

A set for tea and infusions

Like all of us, your mom is certainly often at home because of the health restrictions. So why not take the opportunity to take pleasant breaks dedicated to tasting teas and infusions of the world? It's delicious and excellent for your health! And then many exotic flavors invite us to a very appreciable sensory journey at a time when tourism is no longer within everyone's reach.

Théière japonaise en fonte

An indoor fountain

Have you ever noticed that many wellness spaces use indoor fountains in their decoration? The fountain is a lively decoration that brings a lot of charm and originality to the place where it is arranged, but it also contributes to a Zen and relaxing atmosphere. The soft music of the flowing water helps us to escape and focus on positive thoughts. Offering an indoor fountain on Mother's Day is therefore a great "wellness" idea in these particularly scary times.

Fontaine d'intérieur zen

What did you think of these gift ideas? Do you think your mom needs comfort and therefore a gift that contributes to her well-being is the best choice?

No? So maybe you see your mom more like a fighter? A person who takes life as it comes and doesn't need help to bite it to the teeth? If this is the case, it is quite possible that the following gift ideas correspond better to him: these are the gift ideas for the "super-moms", those who have convictions and who act to defend them! Let's take a closer look.

Mother's Day Gifts "Committed to a Better World"

This has not yet been demonstrated in a Cartesian way, but many scientific figures are convinced of this: the health crisis we are going through and the climate change that is affecting our planet are probably due to human activity. A major change in our consumption habits is urgently needed to keep the Earth habitable for generations to come. 2021 must be the year of change.

Your mom feels concerned about ecology and has you ever talked about her steps to reduce her environmental impact? Encourage her by offering her a gift chosen especially for her ecological and humanistic virtues! Here's what we're offering.

A range of beauty treatments "Zero Waste Bath Room"

"Zero waste" cosmetics allow you to take care of yourself and the planet at the same time because after use, nothing ends up in the trash. How? Either because there is no packaging; either because the packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable; either because the packaging is reusable.

The other good news? These products are also good for our skin as they are mostly formulated without any harmful chemicals. Some examples of treatments available in "zero waste" version: soap, shampoo, exfoliating scrub, body oil, dental powder (replaces the toothpaste tube)...

cosmétiques zéro déchet

A selection of certified organic products

The use of pesticides in agriculture is a major source of pollution that harms biodiversity. To help preserve ecosystems, and your health, go for organic! Coco Papaya offers a wide range of organic products to spoil your mother: body, face and hair treatments, make-up, teas and infusions... Your "Green Mamma" will love it!

Cosmétiques certifiés bio

A responsible and fair deco object

Worrying about the planet is already a most commendable initiative. Thinking also about supporting crafts by choosing a handmade, fair trade gift is just as important. But there's even better: do both at the same time!

How? It's simple: choosing a decorative item from Coco Papaya! We have partnered with dozens of talented artisans from around the world and buy their creations in accordance with the rules of fair trade, allowing them to live with dignity from their craft-passion.

Of all the lovingly handmade objects we offer, most are made from ecologically responsible materials: wood from planted forests or renewable materials (bamboo, sea rush, rattan, coconut, etc.). A nice decorative gift that does not damage nature but helps to perpetuate the activity of talented craftsmen, it is perhaps the most trendy gift idea for Mother's Day 2021, what do you say?!

Here are some "committed deco" suggestions:

For the exterior decoration: a bamboo wind chime, a driftwood garden nest box, a decorative coconut candle

For interior decoration:

  • a driftwood heart mirror,
  • a giant carved wooden Buddha mural,
  • a teak root center of the table,
  • a coconut leaf fixture,
  • a braided rattan suspension,
  • table sets in braided raffia,
  • pretty jewelry boxes in natural mother-of-pearl marquetry,
  • a bamboo and handcrafted ceramic perfume burner,
  • a hand-painted wooden mural,
  • a bohemian wall decoration in macramé,
  • a chic ethnic storage basket in braided abaca,
  • an old Indian spice box...

Décoration issue du commerce équitable

To conclude this article, let us remember this old adage "it is the intention that counts!". It also applies to Mother's Day! The most important thing to please your mother on the day of this special holiday is to show her that we think of her and that we love her. Whether you're giving her a little gift, or a bigger one, she'll particularly appreciate the intention, the fact that you've been looking for an idea just for her.

We hope this selection of gift ideas inspires you and that you'll find the most wonderful gift for your mom!

See you again!