Assortment of incense indian "Golden Nag" 5x15g brand Vijayshree.

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With this assortment, check out the 5 best incense from the famous line of "Golden Nag" from the indian manufacturer Vijayshree. These incense are 100% natural are known for their fragrance is particularly powerful.

This lot consists of 5 cases of 15g, or about 60 sticks of incense.

Golden Nag Champa (1 case 15g) : A very successful version of the Nag Champa traditional indian, with floral notes that take over (flower of champaka and frangipani). A scent that diffuses the joy and well-being !

Golden Nag Patchouli (1 case 15g) : A real concentrate of Patchouli ! This fragrance is powerful, at once woody, floral and smoke, has demonstrated many virtues. In particular, aphrodisiacs, and also to repel harmful insects.

Golden Nag Darshan (1 case 15g) : In india, Darshan means "vision of god". This incense of prayer-based indian spices and cloves creates an immediate atmosphere of calm and mystical, ideal for spiritual activities.

Golden Nag Chandan (1 case 15g) : Chandan is a term that refers to the sandalwood. This incense a very distinctive, fresh and woody, opens you the doors of the East. A true olfactory journey !

Golden Nag Meditation (1 case 15g) : A fragrance of sensuality, combining the floral notes, vegetal and fruity, to be circulated before a meditation session, a massage, or a relaxing break.

Lot of 5 pouches of 15g each = about 60 incense sticks of 20cm in length.

Each stick of incense burns in about 25 minutes, and then the fragrance stays noticeable for 12 to 24 hours approximately. Incense should always be used under adult supervision and in a well-ventilated area.

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Aromatherapy contributes to your well-being ! The fragrance of flowers, woods and other medicinal plants have a direct influence on our mind. Use the virtues of aromatherapy in its place of life helps to feel better.

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Object typeHome fragrances
Natural assetNag Champa, Patchouli, Clove, Spices, Sandalwood
Olfactory familiesAmber, Woody, Spicy, Floral
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acheté  Par Georges N. le  27 Mar 2022 (Assortment of incense indian "Golden Nag" 5x15g brand Vijayshree.) :

Vraiment excellent

Bonjour vous voulez purifier votre maison n ésiter plus les bons produits son la merci

acheté  Par Ghislaine S. le  14 Dec 2021 (Assortment of incense indian "Golden Nag" 5x15g brand Vijayshree.) :


très bon encens, ravie de mon achat

acheté  Par Marie-Noëlle C. le  03 May 2020 (Assortment of incense indian "Golden Nag" 5x15g brand Vijayshree.) :


Ces encens méritent le détour... Une harmonie subtile ... Une connexion à soi et aux mondes invisibles... Merci

Still little known in Europe, the brand Vijayshree does, however, have a growing success in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, where the scent is potent and bewitching of his incense sticks has attracted many fans.

You also, check out this brand and coming with the range of incense "Golden Nag" that made the success and reputation of Vijayshree in the world.