Incense of the Saints-Protectors. Assortment of 5 varieties (100 sticks), brand HEM.

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Incense of the Saints Protectors 5 varieties.

Incense of prayer 100% natural brand HEM : lot of 5 boxes (5 different varieties) or 100 sticks of incense at economical prices.

For this assortment dedicated to Saints Protectors, we have selected 5 varieties of incense developed in the respect of recipes of traditional catholicism.

Incense "Saint Antoine" (1 case = 20 sticks) : Patron Saint of sailors, shipwrecked, and prisoners, Saint Anthony, can be relied upon to find a lost object or loved one. You can also ask her for help in case of problems in love.

Incense "Saint Gabriel the Archangel" (1 case = 20 sticks) : Saint Gabriel is the messenger of God, he can help us communicate with the Lord and guide us in making important decisions.

Incense of Saint Peter" (1 case = 20 sticks) : Send a prayer to St. Peter by burning a stick of this incense. Saint Peter can help you to regain strength and vitality in the workplace, to achieve your professional goals.

Incense of Saint Rita" (1 case = 20 sticks) : For a prayer to Saint Rita, so that it helps to cases the most desperate. Protective of the family, St Rita can be invoked to request a healing.

Incense "Saint Benedict" (1 case = 20 sticks) : This incense is traditionally used to purify a place of prayer. We can also serve and pray to St. Benedict to protect themselves from evil and increase his mental strength.

Lot of 5 cases each = 100 sticks incense

Dimension of pouch : 25 x 3cm. Length of each stick of incense = 23cm approximately

Each stick of incense burns for about 25 minutes, and then the fragrance stays noticeable for 12 to 24 hours in the room. Incense should always be used under adult supervision, and in a well-ventilated room.

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Our incense are 100% natural. Hem is a trademark of incense renowned for the quality of its products.

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Object typeHome fragrances
Natural assetAmber, Lavender, Myrrh, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Rose, Spices
Olfactory familiesAmber, Woody, Chypre, Floral
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j'aime ces encens bien arrivés dans l'emballage, travail soigneux super!!!! Continuez, moi c'est la premiere fois que je passe commande, tout c'est bien passé, bientôt c'est jesus christ que je vais commander merci.

HEM Corporation is an indian company which exports its natural incense in the world.

Their sticks and incense cones are appreciated for the quality of the fragrances they provide, but also for the well-being they provide. Whether it is for a time of prayer and devotion, a massage session or relaxation, or simply to unwind after a day of work, you will certainly find an incense-HEM to give you that little moment of relaxation as expected !

All incense HEM are exclusively made from 100% natural ingredients such as powders of wood and flowers, medicinal plants, spices and essential oils.