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Assortment of incense Bouquet - "Top 10 Satya Sai Baba," 10 fragrances various

Satya - Shrivinas Sugandhalaya



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Discover with this assortment, the 10 best incense from the legendary house of Satya Sai Baba, recognized as the best manufacture of enens the planet's natural.

- "Hari Om" (1 case of 10g) : a incense to the family of "Masala" auparfum unique and sweet.This incense from India is excellent for meditation, spiritual activity, or even for concentration. Its unique fragrance will help you to calm down and relax !

- "Aastha" (1 case of 10g) : also a "Masala" very spicy, with a caramel note. Under : this incense has been specifically designed to foster the meditation transcendental.

- "Nag Champa" (1 case of 10g) : theincense natural the most sold in the world ! 160 ingredients including the yellow flower of the Champaka, which gives it its scent. Under : helps with relaxation, harmony, and the development of psychic abilities.

- "Super Hit" (10 case of 10g) : its fragrance is powerful, sweet, and vanilla is a staple absolute. Under : tonic, helps fight against fatigue. A point of view esoteric, the Super Hit is deemed to balance the zodiacal influences, that is to say, to increase the positive and reduce the negative induced by your sign of the zodiac.

- "Tufan" (1 case of 10g) : discover, very pleasant smell.

- "Geet Govind" (1 case of 10g) : a scent floral enhanced with a touch of sandalwood, which was developed in honour of the god Krishna. Under : helps the concentration and the elevation of the spirit.

- "Ajaro" (1 case of 10g) : another Masala, very sweet, with notes of cocoa. Under : protects from evil eye and spells.

- "Excellent Sandal" (1 case of 10g) : this incense gives exclusivity to the sandalwood for a fresh scent very distinctive "oriental". Under : the sandalwood gives this incense of powerful virtues of purification as well psychic, that for the ambient air. Aid to relaxation and to regain self-confidence.

- "Natural" (1 case of 10g) : composed of flowers and bark of the wood of Himachal Pradesh, fragrance "woody / plant" ends with a note of lemon. Under : revives the courage, gives hope, and helps combat stress.

- "Jasjo" (a case of 10g) : Virtues : helps balance emotional and fall in love.

Lot of 10 boxes of 10g each = 100g incense sticks = 80 sticks

Dimension of carrying case : 26 x 1.50 cm

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An assortment essential to discover the best of theincense natural indian, and in particular, the Masalas.

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More known under the brand name Satya, incense natural indian society Shrivinas Sugandhalaya are world renowned for their quality of manufacture, and to their inimitable scents borrowings of nature and exoticism.

If you like incense, try absolutely the brand Satya ! Their best-selling global "Nag Champa" is the perfect way to start your initiation to the pleasures of the incense natural indian.

All the incense Satya are 100% natural, made from plant ingredients such as wood powder or flower petals, essential oils, spices, and medicinal plants.