Lot of 2 mini Statuettes Elephants in Solid Bronze 6cm



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These two little elephants invite you to discover the beauty of Asian bronzes

Dimensions of each elephant: length 6 x height 3.5 x width 2.5cm approximately. Material: bronze. Imported artisanal manufacture respecting the rules of fair trade. Elephants are sold together and cannot be purchased separately.

Despite their small size, the details and originality are present in these two elephants in traditional parade clothes.

You will appreciate the quality of finish and the level of detail of this miniature version of the ironwork. These little elephants come to us from the workshop of our best art metalworker.

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Two lucky little elephants for your feng-shui decoration

In Indian culture, a statuette of an elephant with its trunk in the air brings luck to its owner.

Feng Shui fans will tell you that this statuette must be placed in the southwest sector of your home, near a window or a source of light, so that the elephant "sucks" the positive energy by coming from outside.

Decoration suggestion to make yourself: an almost living terrarium!

Here is a simple and easy decoration idea to bring a little life to your interior decoration:

  • Get a small glass and metal terrarium .
  • Put a little sand, one or two river pebbles, lichen, a little dead wood or other finds recovered during a walk in nature.
  • Finally, arrange your 2 miniature bronze elephants, prominently in the middle of the decor.
  • You have just created a natural setting in which two elephants are walking!

Well, that's it ! Guaranteed success: your guests will notice this creation and ask you how you came up with this original idea.

Object typeDecoration
HeightLess than 10cm
Originhandcrafted and fair
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