Salamander / Gecko in bronze 23cm. Vintage decorative animal statue.



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Very beautiful bronze statuette representing a salamander (also called gecko or margouillat in hot countries).

Dimensions: length 23 x 13 x 2.5cm approximately. Weight = 220g approx. Material: bronze.

An authentic bronze coming directly from the workshop of our Indonesian foundry craftsman: attention, limited series!

The finesse of the details, the quality of the finishes and the antique appearance of this statuette make it a decoration of choice to put on a piece of furniture, or even to hang on the wall for a surprising effect! (wall mount not included)

In tropical countries, the Gecko is considered a good luck charm because it feeds on mosquitoes, so + geckos = fewer bites = fewer diseases!

In other cultures, the salamander symbolizes immortality or spiritual ascension. Some African tribes grant him the power to protect us from fire...

Did you know? This reptile was given the name gecko because it is the cry that the male pushes in rut to attract and seduce females.

Do you know a reptile collector ? Here is an excellent gift idea that will certainly please him to decorate the room in which his terrarium is located, for example.

Object typeDecoration
OriginHandcrafted and fair
AnimalsGeckos & Lizards
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