Gift Boxes & Assortments of Teas and Infusions

Teas & Infusions from around the world

Advent Calendar - 24 gourmet teabags of organic teas & infusions

La Route des Comptoirs
€8.91 €11.14
An exceptional Advent calendar for tea and infusion lovers Contents: 24 tea bags (individually packaged in a compostable over-envelope that perfectly preserves the flavour of each infusion) Dimensions: Height 34 cm x Width 21.5 cm x Depth 1.5 cm / Total Weight: 200 g / Net Weight: 38.5g To wait until Christmas, taste and savour a delicious infusion or...
5/5 ( 2 avis)
9 Teas in 1! Try the 9 varieties of the fair trade brand Numi Tea with this 100% organic assortment This assortment of Numi Tea teas and infusions soberly called "Numi's Collection" offers you to taste the 9 star recipes of the brand: "Gunpowder" green tea (2 bags) Jasmine green tea (2 sachets) The "Lemon Mate" (2 sachets) The "Aged Earl Gray" (2...
Herbal teas and infusions of the world.

Shoti Maa Magic Box. Assortment of 12 teas and infusions bio.

Shoti Maa
4,9/5 ( 10 avis)
12 teas and infusions bio for the well-being of the indian. The "Magic Box Shoti Maa allows you to discover the 12 varieties of teas and herbal teas ayurvedic organic brand indian : 7 teas and infusions "Chakra" to harmonize the chakra that most needs it. And 5 teas and infusions "element" to enter in connection with the item of his choice. 7 Teas and...
Teas & Infusions from around the world

Gift Box "Constellations" - 40 La Route des Comptoirs Christmas Tea Bags

La Route des Comptoirs
The perfect gift to give or share! Contents: 40 certified organic and FairTrade tea bags (individually packaged in a compostable over-envelope that perfectly preserves the flavor of each infusion) Dimension: 20 x 20 x 5cm. Weight 200 grams The scents of citrus and spices waft from the teapot... Discover through this box 4 irresistibly gourmet recipes ,...
Accessories for tea and infusions

Kit of 5 reusable filters, infuser bags in 100% Organic cotton

Ah! Table!
Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Filters: Your Eco-Friendly Solution for the Perfect Brew Dimension: 9cm x 9cm. Contents: 5 sachets. Material: organic textile (certificate issued by Ecocert) made in India with organically grown cotton and with ecological textile treatments. 100% organic cotton. These cotton bags are a perfect alternative to disposable bags to...
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Discover the premium teas and infusions of the "Gold Tea?" brand with this box containing their 8 featured recipes! This "The Favor 8" tasting box consists of 8 varieties of certified organic teas and infusions,elegantly presented in a neatly designed box. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the delicious flavours of the premium brand 'Or Tea'! A...
Herbal teas and infusions of the world.

Gift box "Rainbow Box" 20 tea bags - Tisanes - Tea Gold?

Or Tea ?
RBX 2246
Enjoy 20 premium teas and infusions from the "Gold Tea" brand. This special edition "Rainbow Box" box consists of 20 varieties of teas and infusions preciously arranged in a beautiful rainbow-colored setting! With this varied tasting box, offer a beautiful sensory experience to the person of your choice, unless you can't resist the temptation to keep it...

For the pleasure of giving:gift boxes and assortments of teas and herbal teas from around the world

For whom, and on what occasion?

Our gift boxes and assortments offer a variety of carefully selected teas and herbal teas, to give as a gift or to treat yourself. They are essential as gifts for tea lovers, or for new tasting experiences.

Our advice: think about it for special occasions, such as birthdays, holiday parties, weddings... You'll probably find the perfect gift for that loved one who loves hot drinks and consumes them at any time of the day.

What are the advantages of these gift sets and assortments of teas and herbal teas?

These boxes allow you to taste, in a single purchase, several selected teas and herbal teas, each with its own unique aromas and characteristics.

You will be able to discover robust black teas, refreshing green teas, delicate white teas, Rooibos and a wide selection of soothing herbal teas.

The assortments are designed to offer moments of relaxation, comfort and well-being. They allow you to discover new flavours and discover teas and herbal teas that you might not have tried otherwise.

In addition to their delicious taste, our teas and herbal teas are rich in antioxidants, which can help keep you healthy. From reducing stress to improving digestion, our natural products have many benefits to offer.

For the ultimate gift: add a teapot or other accessories!

Want to give the perfect gift or nothing?

What if, in addition to an assortment of teas or herbal teas, your gift also contained everything you need to prepare and enjoy these hot drinks?

Coco Papaya offers you all this and helps you create the perfect gift with the category of accessories for the preparation of tea and herbal teas.

Embark now on board the Coco Papaya teas and herbal teas cruise! Your journey will take you to the confines of flavours, beyond all the gustatory territories you have explored so far...

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