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Our natural incense indian brand Padmini.

Of all of the brands of incense natural indian, Padmini is without a doubt the most creative and the most surprising.

Of course, like everything that is original, it does not please everyone ! But one cannot fail to applaud the originality and the quality of the perfumes Padmini. Undeniably, this manufacturer is a pioneer in the development of new fragrances that will amaze your nostrils !

The worldwide success of the "Spiritual Guide" reflects this unique know-how.

As with all incense on sale at Coco Papaya, those of the brand Padmini are 100% natural.

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Natural Indian Incense Spiritual Guide: A Legendary Scent! Set of 5 hexagonal cases containing 20g of incense each = 100g of incense (about 65 sticks). Size of a case: 25 x 3cm The NaturalIndian Incense Spiritual Guide,   is a great classic, renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality. This is the product that has given its letters of nobility to the...
Incense sticks

Incense Spiritual Guide. Lot of 80 sticks brand Padmini

ENCE06189 Spirit x10
5/5 ( 1 avis)
A great classic of incense indian Lot of 10 pouches of 8 sticks, 80 sticks in total. Dimension of pouch : 22 x 1.5 cm Incense indian Spiritual Guide, is an incense well-known in the world for its high quality. Its intense fragrance is composed of a mixture of Lotus flowers, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang. A nice smell, that lasts a long time and are ideal...
Incense sticks

Incense Gold Statue. Lot of 80 sticks brand Padmini

ENCE06189 Gold
Of all the ones that we offer to you, theincense natural Indian Gold Statue of the brand Padmini is probably the one that exudes the fragrance the more powerful ! Captivating, fresh and spicy are the adjectives that qualify best this incense of great quality, which is really different from the others. Under : in India, it is considered to be a...
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