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The Dutch brand HouseVitamin invites you into its chic, offbeat, and oh-so-trendy universe!

The Coco Papaya team has fallen in love with their decorative objects whose themes are in perfect harmony with our online store: funny animals and tropical foliage are dressed in gold and sequins to illuminate your living space and create a visual identity full of boldness and modernity.

HouseVitamin: Art Deco Reinvented

HouseVitamin is an iconic home décor brand that celebrates originality and creativity in every home.

Discover their world where art is expressed with force, and where each object becomes a masterpiece of style. With a passion for bold design and a touch of humor, HouseVitamin transforms your home into a vibrant and unique space.

The Quirky and Trendy Universe of HouseVitamin

Explore this eclectic collection of decorative objects inspired by nature and wildlife!

Tropical foliage, such as Monstera and Ginkgo Biloba, provide a breath of fresh air, while depictions of surprising exotic animals, such as fish, meerkats and gorillas, add a touch of fun to your living space. Each piece is designed with a keen eye for detail and an inimitable aesthetic!

A Unique and Timeless Style

We all fall in love with the HouseVitamine style, which is both quirky and trendy, and which transcends ephemeral fashions.

The subtle combination of gold, black and white, powdered or lacquered finishes creates a chic and sophisticated palette that fits perfectly into any interior by giving it a contemporary touch.

Selected materials

The HouseVitamin brand brings your ideas to life using premium materials. Metal imparts timeless elegance, while resin offers versatility that translates into impeccable details on every piece.

Each HouseVitamin creation is the result of an artistic fusion expertly orchestrated by inspired designers!

Create Your Own Decorating Story

HouseVitamin doesn't just offer decorative objects, but rather an opportunity to create a unique decorative story that suits you.

Explore their diverse range and discover pieces that suit your personal taste. Whether you're drawn to tropical style or animal accents, the HouseVitamin collection offers a wide range of options to express your style, with stunning elegance.

HouseVitamin helps you to enhance your décor!

Each HouseVitamin piece is the result of a constant search for quality and innovative design. Turn your home into a work of art with HouseVitamin, where every detail counts and interior design becomes a real passion.


Ceramic Vase or Pot "Lucky Eye" 15cm

The vase with the "Lucky Eye" pattern: a real eye-catcher! Dimensions: height 15cm x width 20cm x depth 10cm. Vase opening: length 15.5cm x width 3.5cm approximately. Weight: 600g approx. Material: ceramic. This vase is an original creation by the designers of the Dutch brand HouseVitamin. Inspired by the lucky eye of Turkish origin, it will easily...
Candle holders, Lanterns and Photophores

Golden Pelican candle holder 8 cm

"Seaside Chic" atmosphere with this golden Pelican candle holder Dimensions: height 8cm x width 6cm x length 11cm approximately. Diameter of the candle slot: 5cm (compatible with most "tealight" or "votive" candles). Material: polyresin. We completely fall in love with this Pelican candle holder, so original ! It will add a touch of eccentricity to your...
Candle holders, Lanterns and Photophores

Gold Shell Aluminium Candle Holder 11 cm

The Golden Shell Candle Holder: all finesse and elegance... Dimension: Length 11cm x Width 12cm x Height 2cm approx. Diameter of the candle slot: 4cm (suitable for most "tealight" candles and some "votives"). Material: aluminum. When it comes to decoration, it's often the small details that make the difference! This lovely candle holder in the shape of a...

Large Leopard Print Amphora Vase in Glass 30cm

An "amphora" vase with a timeless style to highlight your bouquets Dimensions: Height 30cm x Vase Diameter 18cm x Vase Opening Diameter 10cm Approx. Weight: 1kg800 approx. Material: glass This beautiful amphora-shaped vase is an original creation by the designers of the HouseVitamin brand. It will harmonize in your contemporary, ethnic or modern style...

Round glass vase with leopard print 16cm

A chic and timeless little vase Dimensions: Height 16cm x Diameter 12cm x Neck Diameter 5cm approx. Weight: 600g approx. Material: glass. Inspired by the timeless leopard print, this pretty little vase will add a touch of timeless elegance to your décor! With its sober and natural colours, it will fit harmoniously into all styles of decoration: modern,...

Amber Glass Shell Vase 17cm

Pretty amber glass vase, for chic and refined marine decoration Dimensions: Height 17 x Width 19 x Depth 9 cm. Weight: 800 g approximately. Material: Glass. We fell in love with this pretty Coquillage vase : with its amber hue, it will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your décor. Ideal in a seaside theme, it will also look good in an ethnic...
Animal statues

Golden Surgeon Fish Deco Statuette 19cm

A touch of finesse and elegance in your interior with this golden exotic fish statuette Dimensions: length 19cm x width 9cm x height 15cm approximately. Material: polyresin. The golden color brings a touch of "chic" sophistication to the interior design. And it is particularly interesting for contrasting with black and white in particular. But the...
Animal statues

Large Golden Gorilla Decorative Statue 37cm

Golden Gorilla statue, add a touch of adventure and originality to your décor! Dimensions: Height 37cm x Width 25cm x Depth 24cm approximately. Weight: 1kg700 approx. Material: polyresin This astonishing and imposing statue is an original creation of the designers of the HouseVitamin brand. It will fit harmoniously into any modern or contemporary style...
Animal statues

Fish Statue Decoration Golden Koi Carp 33cm

A truly original decorative object to personalise your decoration: the golden Koi Carp statue Dimensions: length 33cm x width 12cm x height 8cm approximately. Material: Polyresin Compose your own decorative style and make an impression by daring the creations of the designers of the Dutch brand HouseVitamin. This golden koi carp is not lacking in...
Cups & empty-pockets

Trinket Tray or Dish Tropical Leaf Ginkgo Biloba Gold 29cm

Trinket tray or table decoration: how will you use this beautiful golden tropical leaf? Dimensions: Width 29 x Length 28 x Height 5.5cm approximately. Material: aluminum. This beautiful decorative object from the HouseVitamin brand embodies the perfect marriage between the lush nature of the tropics and golden elegance. It will add a refined touch to your...
Cups & empty-pockets

Trinket Box Monkey Statuette Holding a Golden Flower 20cm

Elegance and fantasy, combined in a monkey-shaped trinket tray Dimensions: height 20cm x width 14cm x depth 21cm approximately. Weight: 1.9Kg approx. Material: Polyresin. Don't take life too seriously and let this cute monkey brighten up your home. Comfortably seated somewhere in your entryway or on a piece of furniture in the living room, it will keep...
Animal statues

Golden Elephant Statue with Horn in the Air 32 cm

Add a touch of splendor to your décor with this majestic golden elephant Dimensions: height 32cm x length 28cm x width 15cm approximately. Weight: 900g approx. Material: polyresin. This beautiful elephant statue is a creation of the Dutch brand HouseVitamin. Crafted with exceptional craftsmanship, it captures all the power and elegance of this iconic...
Candle holders, Lanterns and Photophores

Scarab candle holder in gold aluminium 11 cm

Light up your space with this elegant golden Scarab candle holder Dimension: Length 11cm x Width 10.5cm x Height 2cm approx. Diameter of the candle slot: 4cm (suitable for most "tealight" candles and some "votives"). Material: aluminum. Do you want to create a decorative universe in your home that leaves no one unmoved? Remember, it's the details that...
Statues and Sculptures

Deco Golden Monstera Leaf 40cm in Aluminium

Tropical decoration to be installed Dimension: Height: 39.5cm x Width 23 x Depth 7cm. Material: aluminum. Precision-crafted from gold-plated aluminum, this pretty Monstera Leaf evokes the natural splendor of the tropical jungle. Every detail, from the delicate veins to the artistic cutting of the leaf, reflects the beauty of nature captured in a golden...
Animal statues

Flamingo Statue 50cm in Golden Polyresin

The airy beauty of the Flamingo Dimension: Height: 49.5cm x Width 20cm. Material: polyresin. This large golden pink flamingo will easily find its place in your exotic interior, bringing a chic and refined touch. Whether in a living room, bedroom, or office, it will evoke memories of gentle waves and endless skies, creating a calming ambience. The golden...
Storage boxes and baskets

Black & Gold Round Box ø14 cm Aluminum Monstera Leaf

A Touch of Nature in Your Home External dimensions: 14x10 cm. Material: aluminum. This pretty round box adorned with a Monstera leaf offers elegant versatility. Use it to store jewelry, treasured memorabilia, or simply as a decorative item. Its sleek design and colour combination make it an elegant piece that blends harmoniously into different interior...
Cups & empty-pockets

Golden Monstera Leaf Dish - 15cm Aluminium Trinket Box

Natural Elegance in its golden state Dimensions: 15x12x3cm - Material: aluminium The tropical icon Monstera leaf is renowned for its exquisite curves and unique patterns. This golden Monstera leaf-shaped trinket tray captures the beauty of this plant. Every detail is meticulously crafted to recreate the delicacy and complexity of nature, while the gilding...
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