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Massage accessories & Reflexology

Set of 3 Wooden Massage Accessories for Body, Face, Hands and Feet

3 essential traditional accessories for unforgettable massages! This set includes 3 sandalwood massage accessories delivered in a cotton bag (origin: India). Size: Masseur "Finch" (bird shape): height 13cm x width 7m x thickness about 2cm "Crossed" massager (T-shaped): height 12cm x width 12cm x thickness about 2.5cm Hexagonal massage ball: height...
Natural massage oils

Massage Oil / "Strengthening" Bath Oil - 50ml

For toned and firmed skin This preparation based ongrape seed oil is flavoured with pure and natural essential oils from Grapefruit, Geranium and Sclarée Sage. 2 possible uses: In bath oil: pour the desired amount into a hot bath. Grape seed oil nourishes and softens your skin. In massage oil: the virtues of essential oils add to the benefits of...
Accessories for facials

Roller Jade facial massage Massage natural anti-aging

4,3/5 ( 8 avis)
Roller semi-precious stone to the beauty of the face. This roller for the face in the jade stone is ideal in a routine natural beauty. Known lithotherapie for its many virtues, the jade is reputed to decongest the skin, smooth it, mitigate its imperfections and eliminate toxins. This beauty tool is used for its anti-aging properties and healing...
Massage accessories & Reflexology

Box of hot stone massage. 5 pebble of basalt.

4,9/5 ( 8 avis)
Box of introduction to massage with the hot stones. Content : 5 pebbles of basalt delivered in their cardboard box. Dimensions : 6cm x 5 cm x 1.8 cm approximately (each roller). Total weight : 950g approx. Offer a moment of intense relaxation to a person who is dear to you ! To perform a hot stone massage, here's everything you'll need : This set of 5...
5/5 ( 1 avis)
"Bliss" : an ayurvedic oil massage 100% natural, enriched with essential oils. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama "Bliss" has been formulated for individuals wishing to provide or receive a massage using oil is an entirely natural multiple benefits for the body, mind and spirit. You will particularly appreciate : its formulation is natural and...
5/5 ( 4 avis)
An ayurvedic oil massage natural relaxing benefits. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama "Relaxation" has been specially formulated to that each massage provides an intense feeling of muscle relaxation, mental, and spiritual. Facilitate the "letting go" and feel relaxed, peaceful : this is the promise of this oil massage of professional quality....
A massage oil ayurvedic natural revitalising. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama "Revitalising" is enriched with essential oils selected for each of the massage to make the effect ofa "boost" conditioner on our body and our psyche : the immune system and the mind are stimulated, the epidermis is regenerated and offers the feel of a new skin. The...
4,8/5 ( 4 avis)
An ayurvedic oil massage that is ideal for a massage restorative. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama's "Enhance" has been made to strengthen our mind and our body from external aggressions that they face on a daily basis. The mind is stimulated, the muscles relax, the skin is regenerated and protected. You will particularly appreciate : its...
An ayurvedic oil massage a natural for a pure moment of well-being. The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama "Everfresh" relaxes our body and our spirit to help us to have the ideas more clear. Thanks to its formulation based on vegetable oils selected, it broadcasts a wave refreshing on the body, while smoothing the skin's texture. You will enjoy :...
Gloves, brushes and bath/shower accessories

Thong massage exfoliating hair and cotton

5/5 ( 1 avis)
Regular use of this strap exfoliating hair vegetable participates to give back shine and softness to the skin by ridding it of dead cells. On the thighs, it helps reduce the stretch marks and the orange peel effect. The massage with the face-hair activates blood circulation and gives a feeling invigorating. Designed to be used in the shower, this thong...
Gloves, brushes and bath/shower accessories

Glove exfoliating massage-hair and cotton

The regular use of this exfoliating glove in the crin vegetal is involved in restoring the radiance of the skin by removing dead skin cells, but can also reduce the stretch marks and the orange peel effect. A massage with this glove activates the blood circulation and gives a feeling invigorating. Designed to be used in the shower, this glove has 2...
Massage accessories & Reflexology

Thong massage for the back

5/5 ( 1 avis)
This accessory has been specially designed for the back massage. But it can also be used for massaging other parts of the body : the legs, the belly, the nape of the neck or the shoulders for example. The lanyard is equipped with 10 massage areas made up of rollers of wood of different shapes. The handles at each end allow for a perfect grip, in order to...
Massage accessories & Reflexology

Socks Hydration & Reflexology. Gift idea of Well-being.

4/5 ( 7 avis)
Pair of socks, "Spa & Reflexology" 2 in 1 : massage and hydration of your feet. Inspired by the traditional chinese medicine, the socks "Spa & Reflexology" to help you take care of your feet while contributing to your well-being. - Intense hydration : each sock contains a gel active moisturising enriched with jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender oil...
Massage accessories & Reflexology

Gloves Moisturizing & Reflexology. Gift idea of Well-being.

4,2/5 ( 5 avis)
Pair of gloves "Spa & Reflexology" 2 in 1 : massage and hydration of your hands. Inspired by the traditional chinese medicine, the gloves 'Spa & Reflexology" to help you take care of your hands while contributing to your well-being. - Intense hydration : each glove contains a gel active moisturising enriched with jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender...
Massage accessories & Reflexology

Massager wooden feet, self-massage plantar.

4,5/5 ( 4 avis)
The essential accessory to practise a self-massage of the feet, very easily. Dimensions : width 18.5 cm x depth 13cm x height 6.5 cm. Natural wood finish varnish cellulosic. This accessory wood massage has been specially designed for the care and well-being of the feet. Based on the principle of foot reflexology, it is equipped with 5 bars, each...
Beauty boxes and travel kits

Discovery Kit 4 oils, ayurvedic massage, Holy Lama.

Holy Lama
4 massage oils ayurvedic to discover and take anywhere ! This kit discovery in the travel-size brand indian Holy Lama contains : 1 bottle 30ml oil massage "Relaxation" rosemary, basil and eucalyptus. This bottle will provide about 5 to 7 massages. 1 bottle 30ml oil massage "Everfresh" the petitgrain bigarade orange, orange and patchouli. This bottle will...

Do you want to give or receive a massage? Find here what you will need for the massage.

A thousand-year-old practice that dates back practically to our animal origins, massage has survived the centuries without ever ceasing to develop new practices, aimed at improving its effectiveness or broadening its field of action, both on the body and on the body. 'mind.

Today there are dozens of different ways to practice massage, depending on whether you are inspired by Asian, American or European methods. Some examples of massage techniques, to illustrate the diversity of this discipline:

  • Balinese massage
  • Kashmiri massage
  • Korean massage
  • Thai massage
  • Chinese massage
  • Californian massage
  • Hawaiian massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Watsu massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • etc ...

Faced with such richness, two options are available when we want to initiate ourselves into the practice of massage. We can choose to educate ourselves on the subject through reading, training, or viewing video tutorials. Or, we can decide to practice the massage in a more improvised way, based on our feelings.

This choice is free and belongs to everyone.

It is certain that a massage performed at home by a novice person cannot reach the level of quality of a massage performed by a trained professional. But the fact remains that any massage provides, at various levels, a feeling of appeasement and well-being to the person receiving it, even when it is lavished by hands of little expert.

So why deprive yourself since in the end, everyone is a winner? The masseur has the satisfaction of offering a pleasant moment and relieving painful pain. The person massaged feels well-being and appeasement. The two live a moment in common, an experience, sometimes therapeutic, sometimes sensual, but always positive. Yes, massage is a gift , both for the one who gives it and for the one who receives it.

If you are reading these lines with the aim of soon giving your first massages, we congratulate you on this great initiative! But you might be wondering what gear are you going to need?

So there are first the essentials of massage:

  • Your hands of course! But maybe also your feet (they are used in Thai massage).
  • A lubricant. It is most often a massage oil, or sometimes a massage candle. It is absolutely essential. You will not be able to perform a body massage if you do not have the massage oil or candle.

Then there are the options:

  • The massage table or the massage chair. If you are not planning on investing, the easiest way is to massage on a bed.
  • Massage accessories : hot stones or lithotherapy stones , self-massage accessories, reflexology accessories, Qi Gong balls ...

The Coco Papaya crew has selected a range of quality massage products and accessories that allow everyone, beginners or experienced, to practice massage with the best on the market, at affordable prices.

We let you consult our offer and we are at your disposal to inform you.

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