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Our fragrances of the belgian manufacturer Drake.

Drake Home Fragrance is a belgian company that manufactures all of its products in Europe.

It has built a solid reputation on the market of home fragrances thanks to the excellence of the creations of its master perfumers.

Drake offers you a real olfactory pleasure, but also virtues of the aromatherapy that will help you creating a special atmosphere at home.

All the Drake fragrances are formulated with perfumes from Grasse (France) and pure essential oils. They meet the european standards of IFRA.

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Par Aurelie L. le 03 Feb 2023 :


Produit évalué : Necklace with pendant edge in Opalite. Love, Sensuality, Intuition. Je regrette d'avoir acheter...

Par Aurelie L. le 03 Feb 2023 :


Produit évalué : Pendulum, Lapis lazuli, cone shape polished. Le pendule est top de bonne...

Par Sabine M. le 02 Feb 2023 :


Produit évalué : Bracelet Lithotherapie red Jasper - Protector supreme Enchantée de mon achat...