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Japanese incense: Morning Star or Nippon Kodo?

Looking for Japanese incense and can't remember if you prefer Morning Star or Nippon Kodo? Don't panic, we explain everything!

Morning star is a range of the Nippon Kodo brand that was founded in Japan in 1575 by Takai Juemon (known as "Koju"), a master craftsman in the art of incense, who supplied the Emperor of Japan and his court.

He had a reputation for producing perfumes as exquisite as they were rare, and precious! This must have been true since today, more than 400 years later, his work is perpetuated by the Nippon Kodo brand, the most famous in his country, and one of the most respected in the world of home perfumery.

The Morning Star range was launched by Nippon Kodo in the 60s when the Japanese firm began selling its production in the USA. Inspired by Mainichiko, the "everyday incense", this collection of high-quality incense has become a classic of contemporary Japanese incense, acclaimed around the world.

Perhaps the most refined incense that exists...

In Japan "kōdō" refers to the art of appreciating perfumes, which could almost be compared to oenology. The scents are meticulously studied, and this experience would allow to feel a feeling of fullness and serenity.

The incense of the Nippon Kodo brand, and the Morning Star range in particular, are made with this concern for excellence and the desire to respect the authenticity of Takai Juemon's original recipes.

You too, light a stick of Nippon Kodo incense and linger on the scents that emanate from it... A typical Japanese experience to try at least once in your life, especially for perfume lovers!

Would you like to learn more about Japanese traditions and culture?

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Morning Star is a range of incense from the Japanese brand Nippon Kodo, founded in 1575.

More than 4 centuries of incense traditions to experience, with scents of incomparable finesse and authenticity.

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