Face scrubs

Solid soaps for the face

Meadowsweet Jelly Soap + Konjac Sponge - Sun & Sia

Sun & Sia
Meadowsweet Jelly Soap and its Exfoliating Konjac Sponge Contents: 1 white "Jelly" soap (dimensions 7x6x2cm; weight 70g) + 1 konjac sponge (dimensions: 8x6x1cm; weight 5g). Vegan and cruelty free, this soap is also palm oil free and without dyes or additives. It is enriched with Meadowsweet vegetable oil (also called Limnanthes Alba), which has been...
Solid soaps for the face

Green Tea Jelly Soap + konjac sponge - Sun & Sia

Sun & Sia
The duo Green Tea Jelly Soap and its exfoliating Konjac Sponge Contents: 1 green tea "Jelly" soap (dimensions 7x6x2cm; weight 70g) + 1 konjac sponge (dimensions: 8x6x1cm; weight 5g). Enriched with natural green tea extracts, this soap gently cleanses and perfumes your skin. Its smell will not leave you indifferent. Vegan and cruelty free, it is also palm...
Solid soaps for the face

Jelly Rose Soap + konjac sponge - Sun & Sia

Sun & Sia
Duo Rose Jelly Soap accompanied by a Konjac Sponge for cleansed and exfoliated skin Contents: 1 rose "Jelly" soap (dimensions 7x6x2cm; weight 70g) + 1 konjac sponge (dimensions: 8x6x1cm; weight 5g). Enriched with natural rose extracts, this Sun & Sia brand soap is simply irresistible. Its smell perfumes your bathroom in an instant. Vegan and "cruelty...
Solid soaps for the face

Jelly Lemon Soap + konjac sponge - Sun & Sia

Sun & Sia
5/5 ( 2 avis)
The Duo Soap "Jelly" with Lemon + Konjac Sponge for a resplendent face! Contents: 1 lemon "Jelly" soap (dimensions 7x6x2cm; weight 70g) + 1 konjac sponge (dimensions: 8x6x1cm; weight 5g). Enriched with natural lemon extracts, this vegan soap is certified palm oil-free, paraben-free and dye-free. In addition to smelling good, it cleanses the skin gently...
4,8/5 ( 4 avis)
The magical and natural sponge with purifying virtues Dimensions: Diameter 7cm x Height 4cm approx. Material: Konjac. The 100% pure Konjac sponge is suitable for all skins. A 100% natural ally that cleanses without attacking the skin, eliminates blackheads and exfoliates gently. This cosmetic sponge also helps stimulate blood flow and cell renewal. This...
Accessories for facials

Wood and boar bristle facial scrub brush - Cotton cord

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An exfoliating brush for the face Dimensions: total length 15cm / pile length: 4.5cm pile width: 3cm. Material: Hemu wood and boar hair. Its small size and shape are specifically adapted to the oval of the face. The exfoliating face brush removes dead skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and purified. Its wooden handle allows a good grip to effectively...
A purifying organic face mask with activated charcoal Formulated with aloe vera, salicylic acid and activated charcoal, this 3 in 1 mask gently cleanses, exfoliates and purifies the skin . It smooths the skin texture and fights imperfections, blackheads and impurities for a long time. Application: Apply to wet face, massage gently, leave on for a few...
Accessories for facials

Body and face wipe reusable in Natural Konjac

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Dimensions: Length 17 x Width 17cm. Material: Konjac 100% natural. Biodegradable, without dye or additives. Composed exclusively of Konjac'splant fibres, this wipe is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Reusable for several months, it gently exfoliates, deeply cleanses and balances your skin's PH. Opting for Konjac wipe to replace...
Exfoliating body scrubs

Face-body scrub - Oil counter - 100ml

Comptoir des Huiles
GO 100 BA
smooth, silky skin with this menthol-scented shower gel Contain: 100ml tube. This natural coconut shell powder exfoliator gently protects and exfoliates the skin. Its certified organic and vegan formulation contains 12.5% Baobab oil and 12.5% Coco oil. Its exotic fragrance transports you and amplifies the pleasure of the shower. Moisten your skin and...
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A mask face ayurvedic skin purified. The cosmetics brand of natural "Himalaya Herbals" offers you this purifying mask is applied to the neem that : Helps to regulate the secretion of sebum, Cleans blocked pores of the skin, Prevents the reappearance of pimples. The Neem (also called margosa), is an essential ingredient of the natural medicine ayurvedic...

Scrubs and exfoliants for a bright face.

A true boost of radiance, the face scrub is the secret for a clear and radiant skin! Say goodbye to imperfections! Stress, fatigue, pollution ... are all factors that affect the beauty of the face, but we have the solution! An indispensable foundation for care routines, the scrub removes impurities and dead cells, stimulates blood circulation and reduces the appearance of pores. The skin breathes, instantly regains softness and shine. Choose the scrub that suits your skin, sensitive, dry or fatter; and determine your needs: exfoliation, purification or hydration.

Used weekly for deep cleansing, the scrub will ideally be followed by a natural mask for the face, which will rebalance, purify and comfort the skin.

At Coco Papaya, we always favor products with the most natural composition possible. So here you will find our range of exfoliating scrubs for the face that meet our selection criteria: Ayurvedic, organic or vegan, without endocrine disruptor, without animal ingredients or palm oil.

It's up to you now, test it! Try our natural scrubs, rate the results, then post a comment on our online store to help other people who research quality natural cosmetics!

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