Ethnic & Chic fashion jewelry

Semi-precious stones bracelets

Mixed Multistone Bracelet - Bull's Eye / Hematite / Onyx - 8mm

BRAC10591 E
The Perfect Energy Balance of 3 Complementary Stones Length = approx. 19cm (ideal for wrists from 17 to 20cm approximately). Pearl diameter = 8mm. Composition: about 24 natural stone beads (Bull's Eye, Hematite and Onyx - grade A quality) strung on an elastic. The combination of bull's eyestones, hematite and onyx is a powerful and balanced combination...
Maternity necklace with "pregnancy bola" pendant with tree of life motif Dimensions: total length of the necklace = 100cm (ideal length for the pendant to reach the height of the mother-to-be's belly). Pendant: diameter 2cm. Quality jewellery made of hypoallergenic metal (without nickel or lead salts to avoid any risk of allergy). The bola is designed...
Stone earrings

7 chakra earrings in natural gemstones

Balance Your Energy with our 7 Chakra Natural Gemstone Earrings Length = 4.5cm (excluding clasp) = 5.5cm (clasp included). Width = 1.5cm approximately. Weight = approx. 12g (pair). Materials: nickel-free hypoallergenic metal and natural gemstones. These earrings are an opportunity to connect with your inner self, explore the energy of the chakras, and add...
Black Tourmaline Elastic Bracelet, Protection and Anchoring Length 20cm (ideal for wrists from 18 to 21.5cm approximately). Diameter of the beads 8mm approximately. This model is particularly suitable for large wrists (men). Composition: about 26 natural black tourmaline beads of quality A, from Brazil. This pretty Black Tourmaline bracelet absorbs bad...
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Elastic Rhodochrosite Bracelet: for the Harmony of the Heart Dimensions: length 16cm approx. (ideal for wrists with a maximum circumference of 15 to 18cm). Pearl diameter = 4 to 5 mm approximately. This beautiful bracelet is made of about 40 natural Rhodochrosite beads of "extra" quality (grade AAA, Peruvian origin), presenting the typical pink...
Ethnic & Chic fashion jewelry

Necklace with Pendant Hand of Fatma & Blue Eye - Silver Plated

Double Lucky Charms Dimensions of the hypoallergenic silver-plated metal pendant (nickel-free): 6.50 x 4.50cm & bail 0.80cm approximately. Black waxed cotton necklace: about 40cm long and 5cm toilet chain. What could be better than the combination of 2 protective amulets to feel safe?! Ideal for the superstitious, this unisex necklace will also appeal...
Lucky Amulet Dimensions of the pendant in hypoallergenic silver metal (nickel free): 5.50 x 4cm & bail 1cm approximately. Black waxed cotton necklace: about 40cm long and 5cm toilet chain. The hand of Fatma (or Fatima) is also called "La Khamsa". It is a strong symbol, but not religious: each culture has associated a different symbolism with it. A...

Amethyst Bracelet - 12mm Balls

Natural Amethyst Bracelet - 12mm Beads Length 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Pearl diameter 12mm. This beautiful bracelet is made of about 16 "extra" quality natural amethyst beads, featuring the typical purple reflections and shades of this stone. Elastic, it adapts to most wrists.
Engraved Lotus Adjustable Ring Dimensions: diameter 2cm x width 1cm approximately. The ring is open so it can be easily pulled apart, allowing the diameter to be enlarged. It is therefore suitable for all fingers from 55 to 75mm in circumference. Material: white copper plated with 999 silver, which gives it irreproachable solidity and longevity. With her...
Tibetan Bracelet Pretty wooden Mala made of 108 small 6mm wooden beads + 1 endless knot It comes in the form of a string of elastic beads about 20cm in diameter. Simply wrap this rosary around the wrist several times to obtain a multi-wrap bracelet. Can also be worn as a necklace. Elastic, this bracelet can be worn by anyone, regardless of their body...

AB Beige Moonstone Bracelet - 8mm Balls

BRAC01546 Plb
Moonstone Bracelet - 8mm Beads Length 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Weight +/- 25g. Pearl diameter +/- 8mm Moonstone is known for its positive effects on female fertility as it balances the body's hormones and energies. It also helps to improve relationships with others. But that's not all! It stimulates creativity, imagination...
Key rings & handbag jewels

Blue Eye Keychain - Protective Lucky Charm

The Blue Eye: A Symbol of Protection Against the Evil Eye Dimensions: total length: 8 cm. Blue Eye: diameter 2.9 cm. Materials: glass and hypoallergenic silver-plated metal. According to tradition, this blue eye will ward off the evil eye and attract positive energies into your daily life. This accessory will add a colorful touch to your keyring for easy...
Lucky donut in natural amethyst: to be worn as a necklace or bracelet Donut diameter = 30mm. Cord length = 100cm approximately. Material: waxed cotton. This jewel consists of a donut pendant in natural Amethyst quality A (plain or ribboned variety depending on availability, Brazilian origin), and a black waxed cotton cord. Some details of the appearance...
Natural Clear Amethyst Necklace + Pendant (Tumbled Stone) Dimensions of the stone (excluding bail): length 2 x width 1.5cm approximately. Bail: 4mm diameter. Chain length: 50cm. Weight: 4 to 6g approximately. Material: hypoallergenic, nickel-free silver-plated metal. Its light purple colour perfectly reflects the softness and wisdom of this stone....
Necklace + Pendant in Natural Labradorite Grade B (Tumbled Stone) Dimensions of the stone (excluding bail): 1.2 to 1.5 x 1.5 to 2cm approximately. Weight: 2 to 4g approximately. Bail: 4mm diameter. Cord length: 40cm approximately. Material: waxed cotton. We really appreciate this necklace for its finesse and luminosity. Full of reflections, labradorite is...

AAA Unakite Bracelet - 6mm Balls

Harmony and inner peace with this 6mm Unakite bracelet Length = 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Composition: about 30 polished Unakite beads (AAA quality, Mexican origin) strung on an elastic. Pearl diameter = 6mm. Elastic, this bracelet adapts its size to that of your wrist. It can therefore be worn by the majority of...
Jasper Breschia 6mm bracelet: the virtues of red jasper, an amazing look! Length = 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Diameter of the beads = 6mm. Composition: about 30 pearls. Jasper Breschia quality A, origin Brazil. This beautiful natural stone bracelet is predominantly orange-red in color, but its pearls are not all identical...
Earrings cluster shape in natural Rhodonite Length = 5.50cm (excluding clasp) = 7cm (clasp included). Width = 2cm approximately. Weight = about 20g (the pair). With their elegant cluster shape, these pretty earrings have been cut from rhodonite, a naturally pink stone with more or less pronounced black inclusions. Note that, since it is natural stone, the...
Necklace with pendant in Larimar and silver chain Chain length 50cm approximately. Material: hypoallergenic silver metal without nickel. Stone dimensions (excluding ram) 2.5cm x 2cm on average (may vary slightly). Ram diameter 5mm approximately. This is a natural stone pendant: the size, shape and shades of color may vary compared to the models...
Necklace with carnelian pendant: a stone full of positive energy! Dimensions of the stone (excluding ram) 1.5 x 2cm approximately. Ram diameter 4mm. Cord length about 40cm. Material: waxed cotton. Natural carnelian of AAA quality (origin India). This is a natural stone pendant: the size, shape and shades of color may vary compared to the models...
Multistone elastic bracelet Length = about 19cm (ideal for wrists from 16.5 to 20cm approximately). Diameter of the beads = 8mm. Grade A rolled stones. Composition: about 23 natural stone beads (amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal) strung on an elastic band. Not sure which stone to choose? With this bracelet, the choice is made! This beautiful bracelet...
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Black Tourmaline Bracelet: a powerful stone on your wrist! Length = 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Diameter of the beads = 6mm. Composition: about 30 pearls. AAA quality natural tourmaline, origin Brazil. This pretty Black Tourmaline bracelet helps keep your feet on the ground and absorbs bad energy. This stone is considered...
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Natural multicolored tourmaline bracelet Length = about 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19cm). Diameter of the beads = 4mm approximately. Grade A rolled stones. Composition: about 42 beads strung on a rubber band. The name tourmaline comes from "turmali" or "turamali", a Sinhalese name meaning "the stone of a thousand colors". In Sri Lanka, a legend...
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Necklace with pendant in natural turquoise chrysocolla: for more serenity Length of the chain = 50cm. Material: hypoallergenic silver metal, nickel-free. Dimensions of the stone (excluding ram) = length 2 to 3cm x width 1.5 to 2cm approximately. Weight = 4 to 6g approximately. Quality A, origin: Peru. Its color is reminiscent of the Earth seen from the...

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