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Benecos is a German brand of natural cosmetics created in 2008.

All of their products are Vegan certified and are formulated with ingredients from nature.

Benecos has set itself the goal of becoming the benchmark European brand in the natural beauty market . For this, it offers us 3 "club" arguments:

  • The "Bio-Mix" Benecos : it is a mixture of 7 extracts of certified organic plants (Calendula Officinalis, Urtica Dioica, Arctium Lappa, Tilia Cordata, Rosa Hypericum, Perforatum Canina, Sambucus Nigra) which constitutes the ingredient base of most of the brand's products.
  • The BDIH certification : a very demanding German certification, issued to natural and organic cosmetics that meet many draconian criteria such as the absence of GMOs, dyes, or synthetic fragrances. The BDIH certification is today considered as an internationally recognized organic certification for cosmetics.
  • Vegan certification : 100% of Benecos products are Vegan certified. This is the guarantee for the consumer that the products have not been tested on animals, but also that they contain absolutely no ingredients of animal origin.

We now let you discover the Benecos range: natural cosmetics within reach of all budgets.

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