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Here are our certified fair trade products from the Indian company Maroma.

Maroma, a humanist company in the heart of the Auroville community.

Located in India, Auroville is an experimental city founded in 1968 with the aim of proposing a new project of human society, based on mutual respect, harmony and ecology, beyond all beliefs, political opinions and nationalities.

Internationally known for the philosophy of life it spreads throughout the world, but also for its high-quality natural incense, Auroville is considered by many to be a model of development for humanity.

Maroma is, to date, the largest company in the Auroville community. It exports its products worldwide promoting ideals such as fair trade and sustainable development.

Natural products of exceptional quality.

Beyond the humanistic philosophy that drives us, just like Maroma and the community of Auroville, it is the quality that prevails when we decide to offer you products on our online store.

And with Maroma, on this point, it is the apotheosis!

We tested virtually all their soaps, cosmetics and beauty products and were truly impressed. Everything is there :

  • An irreproachable formulation, both for our skin and for the planet.

  • Textures and scents worthy of the most luxurious products in the world.

  • High efficiency thanks to a judicious selection of recognized natural assets.

  • Fair labeling, which guarantees us that by buying Maroma products, we contribute to improving the standard of living of its employees, but also that of the farmers who supply it with the raw materials.

So, it's true. Do not hide it, the prices of Maroma products are a little higher than those of other brands. But the equitable origin is not the main explanation for this. It is the quality of the products, the ingredients that compose them, and the care taken in manufacturing that justify these prices.

Finally, if you compare to equal quality, Maroma products are finally more expensive than that! They are even much cheaper than European luxury cosmetics, in front of which they do not have to blush.

So, will you be tempted? We hope so, even if you buy your Maroma products elsewhere than at Coco Papaya. Because we think that it is really time to give a little more space to a company as modern and innovative as this, for the good of all.

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  • Scrub soap apricot 150g - Natural vegan fair


    Scrub soap to the powder of apricot kernel : a 100% natural and vegan, and certified "fair trade". This soap brand Maroma is made with organic coconut oil, certified ECOCERT (Cocos Nucifera Oil), and microbeads, exfoliating, natural, obtained by grinding and polishing of cores of apricots. Cleanser for face and body, it is suitable for all skin types....

    4,95 € 9,90 € -50%


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