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With "Or Tea?" rediscover tea through delicious recipes combining tradition and modernity ...

Or Tea? The art of tea !

Are you a tea lover looking for new flavors inspired by traditional recipes, cleverly revisited? Discover "Or Tea?" now !

If we had to choose a word to sum up "Or Tea?", It would be "innovative".

Like their packaging, the brand's different tea recipes always bring something new that will surprise even the most experienced purists!

But because innovation can not flourish without quality, "Or Tea?" has partnered with the best tea growers on the planet to offer premium compositions with unforgettable flavors.

Taste one of the "Tea Tea" teas quickly and post a comment on our online store to help other tea lovers better know this brand like no other!

Herbal teas and infusions of the world.

Tisane Evening Relaxation - Shoti Maa -16 sachets

Or Tea ?
MAA-VAN 2270
5/5 ( 3 avis)
A sweet Ayurvedic infusion for the evening with herbs and spices, with cinnamon and vanilla Ingredients: cinnamon -20%), ginger, licorice, rooibos, fennel, cardamom, carob, vanilla , (4%), cocoa pods, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg - organic Contain: 16 sachets. Enjoy the sweetness of cinnamon and the sweet touch of vanilla. You deserve to relax and enjoy a...
"Playful Pear" organic green tea with pear "Playful Pear" is a Chinese green tea recipe with a delicious pear flavour carefully crafted by the brand "Gold Tea?". You'll also enjoy its unique flavour: An intense aroma of ripe pears A fresh and tangy flavour with a sweet finish, and a nice length in the mouth. Directions: 1 teaspoon of tea for 200ml of...
"Ginseng Beauty" the green tea organic ginseng in order to feel beautiful. "Ginseng Beauty" is a recipe of chinese green tea ginseng carefully developed by the brand "Golden Tea ?". The green tea and the ginseng root have been selected for their high content of antioxidants that strengthen the body's natural defenses and slow the aging process. "Ginseng...
4/5 ( 1 avis)
Discover the premium teas and infusions of the "Gold Tea?" brand with this box containing their 8 featured recipes! This "The Favor 8" tasting box consists of 8 varieties of certified organic teas and infusions,elegantly presented in a neatly designed box. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the delicious flavours of the premium brand 'Or Tea'! A...
Herbal teas and infusions of the world.

Gift box "Rainbow Box" 20 tea bags - Tisanes - Tea Gold?

Or Tea ?
Enjoy 20 premium teas and infusions from the "Gold Tea" brand. This special edition "Rainbow Box" box consists of 20 varieties of teas and infusions preciously arranged in a beautiful rainbow-colored setting! With this varied tasting box, offer a beautiful sensory experience to the person of your choice, unless you can't resist the temptation to keep it...
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