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Our Aleppo soaps and natural cosmetics from the Najel brand.

Aleppo soaps made in Aleppo!

This may seem obvious, but it is nevertheless quite rare ... The majority of soap factories producing authentic Aleppo soap have relocated their production, for various reasons. Nowadays, the majority of Aleppo soaps are made in Tunisia, Morocco, or even France. Always under the supervision of a master soap maker from Aleppo, which earned them their certification and authenticity.

But the Najel company is one of the last to keep its manufacturing workshop in Aleppo. In addition to the authenticity of the soap, this ensures that the raw materials used also come from the surroundings of Aleppo. Aleppo soap from the Najel brand is therefore the most authentic that we can find on the market today.

Tradition, quality and certification.

We have chosen these 3 words to qualify the Najel brand:

  • Tradition: because all Najel products are made in their own workshops (in Syria for Aleppo soaps, and in France for cosmetics) and respect traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Quality: because it is the major concern of the brand. From the selection of ingredients to traceability, the entire manufacturing process follows extremely rigorous specifications to guarantee you products of optimal quality.
  • Certification: logical continuation of its quality approach, Najel has obtained prestigious certifications, in particular the famous ECOCERT Cosmos label which distinguishes cosmetics made from organic ingredients that respect the environment and come from sustainable agriculture .

Cosmos Natural certification

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